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Sony DRU-510a Problems

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by yellowfox, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. yellowfox

    yellowfox Guest

    Hello,, I have just purchased and installed a Sony DRU-510a,and have some questions,, Hello firstly to everyone here....

    This new burner will not play anything.. Not Music, DVDs, VCDs, software, nothing at all... Apparently it can burn almost anything, but its playing nothing.. In fact without having EZ DVD Creator going its useless, At least with my old CD burner you could at least read the disc you just made and play it as well, but not with this.....You have to take it out and move it to the DVD Rom to play.... It seems crazy, have I done something really wrong....

    Im using EZCD Creator 6 as my burning software..
    Many thanks in advance,
  2. yellowfox

    yellowfox Guest

    Hi again,, Here is what Ive done so far,,
    From the Sony Help:

    You will not be able to view a region free disc(DVD's you record yourself are region free), until a region code has been set by viewing a manufactured DVD disc that has a region code setting. Please download and review the Region code notice.

    I did that, and now I can play DVDs,, but it still will not play Cds, Music, or anything else.

    Hope someone can help,
    Thanks again

  3. timcam01

    timcam01 Guest

    I haven't had any problems. I have windows xp, which, for me is the best os microsoft has produced...and I don't even like microsoft. It (xp) knows what to do. Have you tried downloading driver updates from sony?

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