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sony dru500a and ps2 probs

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by boyland, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. boyland

    boyland Guest

    hi there ppl came across your fantastic site yesterday and decided to join
    Ive got this new sony and although its great for movies Im having problems with ps2
    ive got 3 lovely expensive coasters now with james bond nightfire written on them
    Ive tried nero on the fly (no good)
    veritasdx on the fly and veritas burn image 1st all to no avail

    so yesterday i bought fromTrentham Gardens Comp fair Primodvd 4 a fiver
    and was told to get the latest px engnge for it this has done no good as it still cant find me drive (the sony) so what can i do
    im using 1x white label (which my mate uses on his pioneer 104 with no probs even with 007)ive also tried superior 2x
    tried on 2 pses 1 with magic 2 in and 1 with magic 3 in
    please please help
  2. senojscot

    senojscot Guest

    You're not telling us what problems it comes up with when you put them in your PS2. And what do u mean it isn't seeing your drive? But you can burn dvd's? Event thought it doesn't see your drive? Please be more clear about your situation, if anybody else can follow this please help him.
  3. boyland

    boyland Guest

    right lets make it really simple
    1.got sony DRU500A
    2.used record nowdx 2 an image and then burned (coaster)
    3.used veritas on the fly (coaster)
    4.used Nero on the fly (coaster)

    5.using white label 1speed media
    (these are fine for PS2 on my mates pioneer105

    6.bought primo dvd from the computer fair yesterday
    7.installed it but it would not find a compatible writer.
    8.went to prassieurope.com and downloaded the latest px engine
    9.had to put it on cd-rw as dvd tower is not on the net.
    10.installed latest px engine over primidvd
    11.still would not recognise sony
    12.went to the hard ware store
    13 bought hammer
    14 smashed the fucikn Sony to bits

    no really ive sussed it
    and this is for all ppl using sonys
    use Nero and write it HD making imagethen burn back using superior 2x
    hope this helps
    also sorry its numbered but I had to make it simple
  4. senojscot

    senojscot Guest

    Ok what firmware do u have on your computer with the Sony DRU500? What media are u using? Are you burning a dvd copy or cd copy? Have you ever had a successful burn in the past few weeks? You have alot of burning programs on your computer sometimes they have compatibilty issues with each other.
  5. boyland

    boyland Guest

    5.using white label 1speed media
    made 3 coasters (no successful burns4 ps2)
    firmware 1.0d
    dont ask me to flash the firmware yet as its a week old and i aint screwing up |£295 worth of hardware
  6. senojscot

    senojscot Guest

    What kind of media? You have to remember what they are or where u got them..
  7. boyland

    boyland Guest

    okay im going to say this only 1 more time and please will you read it this time ok

    im using whitelabel 1x media

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