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Sony DVDRW 500A-cant burn cdr with nero !!

Discussion in 'DVD players' started by smallzoo, Apr 28, 2003.

  1. smallzoo

    smallzoo Guest

    I am trying to use Nero to burn some files onto a CDR on my 'new' Sony DVD RW 500A( or AX)..As soon as I try to burn the CD Nero stops with an Buffer Underrun then Invalid Write State then Could not perform end track...I have tried speeds right down to 4X and it makes not difference...Can anyone help me..I had no problems with the CDWriter I had no problems..I am running XP

  2. miksirhc

    miksirhc Member

    Jan 4, 2003
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    I too had somewhat similar issue with Sony DRU-500A (firm 2.0e) and Nero 5.5.9.xx. It all started when Nero was doing funny things to my computer with Windows XP. I then uninstalled Nero and rebooted. After that, none of my CD writer and DVD authoring software would recognize not only Sony but my TDK CD-RW drive. At one point, a message popped up saying, “…ASPI manager failed to load.” So, after tinkering and plotting to kill anyone and anything that came my way, I found out that Nero installed proprietary ASPI driver then uninstalled it—making my Windows XP without the proper driver. Damn…

    Bottom line…I betya that it’s Nero’s issue for your entire headache. There’s an update patch for Windows XP on Roxio’s site called, “ASPI 471a2.zip”. Please use it at your discretion. This update resolved my problem, however, I reinstalled all my CD and DVD software to get it right again.

    Good luck.
  3. smallzoo

    smallzoo Guest

    Thanks for that.. What I eventually did was install Verita RecordNow software which was metioned many times in forums mostly positively..and it worked first time but Nero still will not work..well I know which package I will be using from now on

  4. Actuator

    Actuator Guest

    [bold]Some Tips on using Nero[/bold]

    Does Your Buffer reach 100% and then your
    burn stops. Read this!

    1. [bold]Copy the bin file on to Drive C:/[/bold]
    Dont try to burn some file that is buried deep
    in a file structure

    2. [bold]Burn at write speed, not at read
    Find out what your burners write speed is
    (off the products web site) and use that speed
    to burn, You can use the rewrite speed to
    burn as well, and this rewrite speed I would
    recommend, as it will be slower and less
    chance for errors. To Find out your burners
    model Control Panel>System>Hardware
    tab>device manager button

    pick the dvd/cd Rom icon out
    of the list and double click it.

    3. [bold]Set Nero's Ultra Buffer to 75[/bold]
    In nero, go to: File>Preferences>Ultra
    Buffer tab
    use manual configuration and
    set the data buffer size to 75

    4. [bold]TAO or DAO?[/bold]
    ------------------------------------------------------ Find out which write method to use:
    when you are about to write a cd and you
    go to the burn tab of nero, if you
    have been using TAO (track-at-once) then
    try DAO (disk-at-once)

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