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Sony KDF-46E2000 46" Grand Wega HD Rear-Projection LCD TV

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by ICON007, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. ICON007

    ICON007 Guest

    Hi, im thinking about selling my current LCD TV to get a bigger one...

    Im really wanting to try and spend no more than 1300 bucks with a min of a 42" screen that can display atleast up to 1080i...

    I was searching around and found this Sony for sell at circuit city for a price in my range..

    Do you feel this is a good buy. Or does anyone recomend any HDTV's out there for around my price range..



    Sony 46" LCD Projection TV (KDF-46E2000)

    46" LCD rear-projection HDTV: Experience the breathtaking clarity of big-screen HDTV broadcasts with the integrated ATSC tuner. Simply add an HD antenna and you’re ready to enjoy over-the-air HD programs. LCD rear-projection technology delivers dynamic images from a slim cabinet—it's just over 15” deep.

    Widescreen: Watch movies in their natural cinematic format without letterboxing for the ultimate home theater experience.

    Improved picture: The unique WEGA Engine™ converts all signals to digital format for improved resolution, color and contrast. Digital Reality Creation™ circuitry upgrades even standard NTSC signals to near-HD quality, and the DRC palette lets you select both detail and clarity levels for a perfect picture every time. 3LCD technology delivers enhanced brightness, more intense colors and high detail for crystal-clear HD images.

    Quality image processing: In most TVs, video signals are converted back and forth from digital to analog a number of times, causing signal degradation and poorer picture quality. Sony’s WEGA Engine™ offers fully-digital signal processing for a crisper picture with virtually no noise or blurriness. Other picture enhancements include Cinema Black Pro, which strengthens black levels for an overall richer picture, and Advanced Iris, which adjusts the picture to compensate for dark TV scenes or bright room lighting.

    Quality sound: Get high-quality sound to go with your hi-def picture. This model has Dolby® Virtual Surround encoding that creates the effect of being immersed in sound, along with SRS® TruSurround® XT.

    A/V versatility: HDMI, component, composite and S-video inputs make it easy to create the ultimate home theater system. The optical audio output guarantees great digital sound.

    PC-compatible: If your computer's video card has an HDMI output, use it to turn this big-screen TV into the ultimate computer monitor.

    Other features: Additional features include channel label, channel skip/add, channel jump, caption vision, clock, picture freeze, favorite channel, sleep timer and V-chip.
  2. allyfd

    allyfd Guest

    First of all that TV is not in your price range if u don't want 2 pay any more than 1300 because it is 1400.
    Secondly it looks pretty ghastly imo....although perhaps aesthetics don't matter 2 you much.
    I have 1 of the new Samsung HD LCD's which you can rotate 2 point 1 different areas of my appartment which is useful when cooking in the kitchen etc...
    I suppose it comes down 2 what u want it for. I couldn't b happier with my Samsung TV tho its said 2 have a 6000:1 static contrast ratio & the picture is so perfectly crystal clear.
    I have had a bad history with Sony products I bought 2 MD's players from them a few years back & vowed never again 2 give them my custom.
    Sony is just marked up junk IMO. (hyperbole)

    Good luck.

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  3. ICON007

    ICON007 Guest

    Well thanks for your opinion ally.. But I can get this TV for my price range...

    I don't have to purchase it at circuit city.. Thats just where I first found the TV. Their site has a good picture and specs of it..

    Here is a site that sells the exact same TV for 1,229.50.


    I don't have to go with sony.. Just looking for recomendations from others..

    I guess I could work around the price a little though if needed...

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  4. gerry1

    gerry1 Guest

    Hello again, ICON007! I have a similar model but one year older:


    It really is an awesome TV and I don't regret buying it for a moment. I did a great deal of comparison shopping when I bought it and it had the best pic by far. I would actually agree the mine, anyway, is clumsy looking but damn, what a picture! My only regret is that I didn't shell out a little more and get the 50 or 55 inch....Gerry
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  5. dabig25

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