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sound problems

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by eacray, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. eacray

    eacray Guest

    you have helped me so far - see if you can sort this bit out. i have done everything you said to convert my avi to mpg using the programme you suggested and split it also using the programme you suggested and burned to disk. when i play the disk the sound is there for just 20 seconds and then goes off -picture is fine. if i playback the avi version on my pc the sound is there - but not on the mpg disk version. any ideas from you wonderful beautiful clever people???thank you for reading my message, again!
  2. chriso123

    chriso123 Regular member

    Jun 2, 2002
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    Try splitting with TMPGEnc instead. Here is a guide from the Afterdawn.com articles section:

    Cutting the video into smaller pieces

    The resulting MPEG-1 file is very likely larger than 740MBs and therefor it can't fit into one CD and we need to cut it into smaller pieces. We use TMPGEnc for this process as well. Simply open TMPGEnc again and from File menu choose MPEG Tools option and a new window opens up. Select the Merge & Cut tab from there.

    From Merge&Cut tab, select the Type as MPEG-1 Video-CD and click Add. TMPGEnc opens a file dialog where you select the VCD file you encoded with TMPGEnc earlier. Now you should see the file in the file list. Doubleclick it and TMPGEnc opens an edit window.

    Now, you see the timeline in the bottom of the Edit merge item (the window name is bit confusing as we're actually cutting in here). Move the timeline pointer to appx. 72 minutes and hit the closing brace symbol in the bottom-right corner -- symbol is ) -- and the to value in the timer at the top of the window should change. Now, write this exact value down because you need it later. After this hit OK and you're back in the Merge&Cut window. Now, type the output file name in the box at the bottom of the window -- this is the name of the first CD's movie clip (remember, you need to have appx. 740MBs of free HDD space for this step) and hit Run. Process is pretty quick.

    Second CD

    Now what you need to do, is to split the second CD from the main movie clip as well. This can be done easily. Just follow the instructions you followed for the first CD, but in the Edit merge item window, drag the timeline pointer to the point where you ended the last clip and hit the opening brace symbol in the bottom-right corner -- symbol is (. After this the Range's first value (the beginning of the clip) should show you the exact timevalue. You can modify this manually to match the one you wrote down when you made the first clip -- or actually you can just add a one or two milliseconds to that value, so you don't have one or two frames twice. Then just drag the timeline pointer to the end of the movie (only if the movie is 140-148 minutes or less!) and hit the closing bracket symbol and follow the instructions earlier. If the movie is longer than 140-148 minutes, you might need more than two CDs. In this case, use the instructions and split the movie in as many 72-74min chunks as you need.

    Hope this sorts your problem out.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2002

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