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spiderchip bios problems wiv thompson dvd

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by lb2010, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. lb2010

    lb2010 Guest

    hi im having major problems wiv me trying to flash my bios, and need some expert advice which would be very much apreciated.

    I Have a solderless spiderchip going into a ver.1.4 x-box which has a thompson dvd. I have installed the chip and it boots up to the spider screen, but when i goto flash the bios it aint reading the disks :(

    Could i have blew somin in the chip when i fitted it?

    Is there a certain bios i should be using for this version?

    Are there certain disks i should be using?

    I would appreciate the help very much as i am at me wits end doing this.


  2. lb2010

    lb2010 Guest

    reet i have took out me thompson drive and swopped it wiv my m8s to c if i could boot up the bios. Wot happens is it now trys to load the bios but keeps coming up "found bios ect ...unknown bios now halting"

    Where can i find the right bios for my version of x-box?

    Is it X2_4983.06 if so where plz.
  3. lb2010

    lb2010 Guest

    grrrr found the above flash. But i am still getting the same error message "unknown flash bios" wot is happening boohoo.

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