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starbox problem

Discussion in 'Digital TV - UK & Europe' started by pen123, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. pen123

    pen123 Guest

    Connect the box to the pc with your cable but switch it off at the back. Load the correct
    firmware bin file into GTRom & set it to the correct com port, and select App file only then hit Download.
    Only then switch on at the back to power on the box. It may take a few sec. so wait at least 30 sec.
    (If it doesn't work 1st time try also waiting a couple of sec. to switch on after pressing download in the loader.) It may take more than 1 try to work, but eventually you'll see the loader kick in and the % bar increase. You won't see the % on the Starview though. Only green lines moving left to right. Towards the end of the flash you'll see a message in GTRom saying FLASH BURNING. Then it will reach 100% and wait for the download complete pop up box to appear & the box will reboot back to factory setup i have down all this but sitll box are same.plase help me.thank you.[b][/b]
  2. ryanmg

    ryanmg Guest

    try this have gtrom loader ready to download have the box switched off.press download then switch the box on don't give i 30 sec or anything.it should flash the box.

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