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starview 1 problem please help

Discussion in 'Digital TV - United States & Canada' started by bobby1981, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. bobby1981

    bobby1981 Member

    Jul 13, 2007
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    i flashed my starview 1 with the starview 2 the box 4.5 program by mistake. now it is just stuck on the box picture on screen when i switch it on.

    is it duffed or can i get it back workin??

    i have since tried to flash it with the 255 starviw 1 file and the 300 starview 1 file but it just keeps sayin flash update failed. any help much appreciated

  2. Celtic71

    Celtic71 Active member

    Jul 3, 2007
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    If you have a Bad Flash with software have a Read of This might help

    If you have a bad flash, switch it off then on at the back & make sure its on standby.
    Then Flash as normal. This also applies to flashing (up & downloading) the channel data file.
    If for some reason you cannot flash and have set and checked everything else such as ports and connections,
    then you should switch off at the back wait a moment then on again. Then try to flash again.

    If for some reason it won't go into standby and you see a constant moving green line.
    you may want to wait to see if it goes into standby or switches on eventually or re-flash from this state
    though it may not work. Some users have reported that flashing an older firmware 1st that was working,
    then trying again may help. If your flash has failed or corrupted try again but 1st flash back the firmware
    that was on before your failed flash. Re download the firmware just in case you had a corrupted file then try again.
    If you do flash from the moving green line state at boot, you will see the % increase on the GTRom loader
    software but not on the Starview. Toward the end of the flash you'll see a Flash Burning message in GTRom.
    Make sure you wait until all is finished and you see the Download complete pop up message in GTRom.

    Another method you can use to recover from a bad flash, eg. the box won't boot to standby and is stuck
    in pre standby, either after about 3 or 4 moving green lines the box sticks with the green line not moving
    at all or it keeps moving forever. If the box will NOT RE-FLASH as normal from on or standby, try this but it
    may take a few goes to work.

    Connect the box to the pc with your cable but switch it off at the back. Load the correct
    firmware bin file into GTRom & set it to the correct com port, and select App file only then hit Download.
    Only then switch on at the back to power on the box. It may take a few sec. so wait at least 30 sec.
    (If it doesn't work 1st time try also waiting a couple of sec. to switch on after pressing download in the loader.) It may take more than 1 try to work, but eventually you'll see the loader kick in and the % bar increase. You won't see the % on the Starview though. Only green lines moving left to right. Towards the end of the flash you'll see a message in GTRom saying FLASH BURNING. Then it will reach 100% and wait for the download complete pop up box to appear & the box will reboot back to factory setup. You will have lost any channel data previously on the box & will need to rescan & switch on EMU and set the box up from scratch.

    If you don't know the state of the box switch it on see what happens see if there already has been a channel
    scan done before-meaning there are channels on it working or not. If so tune to an unencrypted channel as above
    then standby then re-flash.

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