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still have some challenges

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by chip1018, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. chip1018

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    Dec 30, 2004
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    All my burning seems to be going well, thank you Scuba Pete, but it seems about one out of every three backups won't play. I don't get any errors while using dvd shrink and decrypter and it says operation successful but then the DVD won't play in either a stand-alone or my pc's dvd player. Using TDK plus R media, with an HP burner, and running windows XP. The movies that haven't burned aren't particulary new ones they are, Harry Potter, Walking across Egypt and Godsend. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks very much.
  2. Gringle

    Gringle Guest

    Chip 1018 as the ultimate Scuba Pete fan. I gotta say there's more to them tutorials, than a passing bubble might notice,

    'Tis a bit like playing certain, Rock Bands backwards, and hearin, the Devil shout, maybe thur's a sound of screaming, or maybe Hallylussya... or maybe your just using the dreaded, wrong media.

    regards mike/gringle
  3. scott2453

    scott2453 Guest

    what speed are you recording at? If your burning at maximum speed, try a slower setting. i had this same prob with my 8x recorder when i first got it i burned everything at 8x and i would only get about one good burn out of three burns, no matter what i did. now i burn at a slower speed, and that never happens to me anymore. not sure why, but thats how i solved that prob
  4. RussReef

    RussReef Guest

    If you ripped sucessfully with DVDshrink, then it's not the "newness" of the movies. (You can always play the VOB files on your hard drive that are created after running shrink, to double-check that DVDshrink decrypted correctly)

    More likely than not, it's your media.

    Burning slower helps, because it give your media more of a chance to change (absorb a "1" or a "0") per unit of time. High quality media is very good at changing quickly (absorbing the digital signal), whereas lower quality media needs more time [especially at the outer-edges of the disk, where data transfer is required to be faster].

    My advice is to burn the media you have slower. Then, next time you buy media, getter better quality media from an on-line vendor like www.supermediastore.com

    Look in the media forums here at afterdawn to determine which high quality media to buy for your drive.
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