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Strange "Jesus Rock" disc

Discussion in 'Audio' started by CM400T, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. CM400T

    CM400T Member

    Mar 31, 2008
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    I have owned a disc for some years now, and just discovered that it was "weird".

    The disc is the first release from Whitecross, titled "Whitecross", copyright 1987 by Pure Metal Records. (Don't laugh, I think some of this stuff sounds pretty good.)

    In Windows, it plays just like a regular CD. In linux (KDE desktop), when I insert the disc, a dialog asks me what I want to do (just like Windows). If I choose "open with file manager", the serial ATA player/burner hesitates as if it is being tricked or having a problem (I don't think this happens with any other music disc, or at all in Windows). After a few seconds, I get the following listing:

    CDA -- a folder that contains 10 files, one for each song, named for each song, 393.7 MB total. They are "*.cda" files.

    FLAC -- a folder that contains 10 files, one for each song, named for each song, 246.0 MB total. They have the ".flac" extension.

    Full CD -- a folder that contains 4 files:
    Whitecross - Whitecross.cda (394.5 MB)
    Whitecross - Whitecross.flac (246.6 MB)
    Whitecross - Whitecross.ogg (29.6 MB)
    Whitecross - Whitecross.wav (394.5 MB)

    Information -- a folder that contains 'CDDB Information.txt', a 409-byte text file.

    Ogg Vorbis - a folder containing 10 files, one for each song, named after each song, 29.6 MB total, with ".ogg" extensions.

    10 files in the root directory, one for each song, named after each song, with .wav extensions. These 10 files take up 394.6 Megs of space.

    (There is nothing mounted at /media/cdrom. Maybe this is because the disc is weird, or maybe linux distros don't mount them there anymore. It's hard to keep up.)

    Can anyone tell me what is happening here? Can CD-ROMs have "symbolic links" like linux? Is there something here that violates a standard (Red Book, Orange Book, whatever)?

    I can copy the disc just fine (ONE copy, for backup or archival purposes, US law). I just wondered what was going on, that's all.

    I didn't think "sophisticated disc trickery" (like the Sony Rootkit music CDs) was invented until much later.

    Does anyone know what is happening with this disc?
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  2. lostlight

    lostlight Member

    Aug 25, 2008
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    linux kde does the work for you what you are seeing is not whats on the disc its just a virtual folder if you drag on drop the songs to a folder it will the copy and convert it for you

    Audio CD Ripping in KDE

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