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Strange WMA - CD Problem

Discussion in 'Audio' started by miggl, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. miggl

    miggl Member

    Dec 22, 2004
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    I've got a wierd problem that is driving me insane.

    I've recently built a new PC (P4 3.0, WinXP Home SP2) and installed a Samsung TS-H552B DVD+-RW Burner in it. I transferred my wma (some 64Kbps, some 192kbps, all unprotected, all encoded in WMP9) files from my old PC. When I come to burn these WMAs to CD using my new system, the files encoded at 64kbps refuse to play in my in car WMA compatible stereo (Pioneer DEH-P5500MP). Files encoded at 192kbps seem to play fine. I've previously burnt these 64kbps files on my old system (also WinXP SP2) using an ancient CD burner, and they play fine in the car.

    The problematic files can be read by a PC, just not by my car stereo. I've not been able to try them on another WMA CD player.

    So there seems to be some kind of incompatablity issues between WMA @64kbps, my Samsung TS-H552B and my Pioneer DEH-P5500MP.

    I am totally stumped.

    Before anyone suggests:

    - The files are not protected

    - I've tried different media (CD-Rs, branded, unbranded, CD-RWs)

    - I've tried different burning software (I normally just use the inbuilt XP method (right click on files ->Send to Burner), but I've tried Nero 6 (latest) too).

    - And yes, I know I should have encoded them as MP3s.... Too late now though.

    Can anybody suggest what's going on here and restore my sanity.

  2. diabolos

    diabolos Guest

    Wow, rarely does a person post such a well written question. It sounds like you have done everything that you where suppose to do. The only thing I can suggest is to see if there are any driver update(s) for your new system drive (yet). It may be a SP2 thing?

    Excellent post! I enjoyed reading it.
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