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Stupid Norton AV ... help?

Discussion in 'Windows - Virus and spyware problems' started by Eugene482, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Eugene482

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    Feb 13, 2006
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    Hi, I used to have Norton, but then it worked like, actually it didn't work at all. So i tried deleting it through Control Panel, but it said the administrator was need and all that s**t. Then, I went to Windows Explorer to delete core files, but delete only 1/2 because it was used. So then, I restarted my PC and went to My Docs and deleted some of the other Norton FIles because I read on the Net "how to delete NIS completely". So now it's completely deleted and I use AVG. But my problem is, whenever I start word, it starts windows installer and says some crap about NIS. When I open the file, it request virus scan first so it gives me the pop-up window about NIS. How do I completely remove this terrible software and so windows wouldn't ask for it anymore? Thanks.
  2. bluecoal

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