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Subs on DVD´s pls help!

Discussion in 'Subtitle help' started by jlittig, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. jlittig

    jlittig Member

    Aug 29, 2005
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    Hello, ive tryed many softwares to insert subs on DVD films like VSO DivxToDVD, DVD Santa or AVS Video Converter 4 and got nothing =(
    Is there a way to insert subs on VSO DivxToDVD or AVS Video Converter ??
  2. nrautava

    nrautava Guest

    So you want to add .sub to the DVD?
    first convert that sub to srt (use Subtitle Workshop and save it as SubRip)

    use these freeware softwares:

    ReJig -> IFO Mode
    Chose video and audio
    Demux video

    When ready, start DVDAuthorGUI
    add video (m2v) and audio (mp2) files
    Extras -> Add/edit subtitles (size 26 is ok)
    Author DVD
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  3. kemet

    kemet Guest

    hey i got a question also i have saa subtitles which belong to a ogg movies how do i burn these with the subtitles initact onto a dvd?
  4. nrautava

    nrautava Guest

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  5. kemet

    kemet Guest

    thanks for the help but i think i didnt clarify what i ment sorry. How do you covert ogg files to an avi the ogg files come with saa files so the english sub titles will show up but when i try to convert the ogg files using virtual dub or any winconver the english sub titles dont show up so how can i cnvert the ogg files into an avi so i can retain the english subtitles because the movies are in jap.....THX

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