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Subtitles are displayed as green blocks!!!

Discussion in 'DivX / XviD' started by j_ejheden, May 1, 2004.

  1. j_ejheden

    j_ejheden Member

    May 1, 2004
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    I’ve got a problem. I've searched on forums and all over the internet after a proper solution to my problem without any results. The problem is that I can't get the subtitle to work properly when I burn a AVI to DVD. Since my TMPGEnc won't encode my AVIs to less than 123% of the DVD-R (which of course doesn't work) I had to use a AVI2DVD software to create one m2v-file and one mpa-file with the correct resolution and all. Now, I've created a sup-subtitle with srt2sup, and changed the colors and all so that it should work... but when I make VOB-files (this also makes me wonder... the files I get from using Ifoedit are one bup and one ifo with the exact same size and one other pair of these bup and ifo-files except these are a little bit bigger... is that really correct?) with Ifoedit (adding the m2v, mpa and sup-files) the subtitle in DVD Players is displayed as green boxes/blocks (but in vlc player (a media player in windows) it works just fine to display the subtitles from the VOB-files... but not in DVD players in windows and stand-alone DVDs). I know that there are many threads on how to fix this problem but that requires a original DVD-ifo and I would like to sneak around this. I guess that I'm not the only one with this problem and not the only one who can't find the answer. And an other problem that's bothering me is that you either get the subtitle on the DVD or you get the cool DVD menus that you can create with various DVD making programs... This really makes me angry. But if anyone knows how to solve this I would be really grateful for an answer or a link to some guide. But still... I've read a lot of different guides the past few weeks and so far no one has worked for me.
  2. JoeWest

    JoeWest Guest


    To address some of your problems in turn:

    1) When the TMpeg is greater than 4.5Gb I have found that the audio is the problem. Use VirtualDub to save the AVI with uncompressed audio!

    2) Colours in the IFO file can be recreated with SupRemap. You can get is from www.shipleys.eclipse.co.uk, but it is offline at the moment!

    3) Never tried to add subtitles and menus so can't help with this one. Try www.doom9.org or www.dvdrhelp.com


    Joe West

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