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svcd movie

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by 2chevy, May 7, 2002.

  1. 2chevy

    2chevy Member

    May 7, 2002
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    Okay...iv'e read everything in here and it reads to me like chinese.Iv'e burned music cd's with easy cd creator...but never movies.
    I went to try and it says i need mpeg encoder that supports video cd encoding.
    The movie i have is awsome...clear and sounds great.But it's svcd it says at the end.My question is...when i do this encoding thing...it will change the original version i have in my pc?I don't want that.I wanna keep a version in my pc how it is...and burn one to have for dvd player.So how do i convert it....and how to i keep a copy in pc...can i make two copies in my pc?
    Thanks big time...i know i sound retarded but i swear...i'd catch on in 2 sec's if someone just showed me...so confusing all this reading.Thanks.
  2. dRD

    dRD I hate titles Staff Member

    Jun 10, 1999
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    If you have SVCD files, go to our article section and look for burning SVCD with Nero article.

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