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tag2000 (ac3) to wav

Discussion in 'Audio' started by strongbow, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. strongbow

    strongbow Guest

    I have downloaded quite a few movies recently and loaded them into virual dub and the audio tells me it is (unknown) tag 2000 which I have found out is supposed to be ac3. Saved wav with virtualdub then been told to rename the wave extension to .ac3 for besweet to pick it up to convert it to be able to load it into tmpeg. but it just places the ac3 extension before the .wav eg movie.ac3.wav. Been into file types in windows explorer and the file extension .ac3 does not exist in there. Can anyone help me or suggest another way around this problem as I am ripping my hair out !!
  2. agentduke

    agentduke Member

    Apr 7, 2004
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    If BeSweet is not picking it up as AC3, then its probably not AC3 to begin with. You might want to use TMPGEnc to demux the audio and video streams from your movie to find out what it really is. If its a wav, then it sounds like you are already there. It will likely be either PCM (wav), MP2, or AC3. If it is really AC3, BeSweet will be able to split it.

    If you downloaded it, its probably 2-ch wave or 2-ch AC3.

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