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TES: Oblivion

Discussion in 'Windows - Games' started by esrever, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Jizmak

    Jizmak Regular member

    Dec 27, 2004
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    @ achapman,
    on console, type in slp 1010


    this is a predesigned tweaker for the games ini.

    of course you have to set "Read ahead 0 " in nvidia panel. otherwise even 40fps will run choppy.

    What video card and setup are you using?
    You may need to edit the .ini to force 1x shader mode,
    And use come tweaked shaders for card that dont support 2x-3x shader effects.

    Its really hard to say based on the amount of info given.

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  2. noxshame

    noxshame Guest

    well, i don't have the nicest computer, but for some reason it's still been able to run games like doom 3, half-life 2, and f.e.a.r. without much problems (i just haven't been able to turn the graphics or effects all the way up).

    graphics card - radeon 9600, 128MB
    768MB RAM
    2.0 GHZ processor

    ps. i downloaded that new .ini file and replaced it, and also tried to run that shader program (i believe it's called "oldoblivion.exe", neither fixed the problem).

    thanks for the help, i appreciate it.
    any more would be much appreciated as well.

    this is an image of what happens right after i try to open the game.
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  3. achapman

    achapman Member

    Feb 6, 2005
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    My computer specs are
    DFI LanpartyUT nF4 Sli-DR Expert
    AMD Opteron 148 CABNE 0528 OCed to 2.8
    Mushkin Redline XP4000 2x1024mb
    BFG 7800GT w/ NV Silencer 5 Rev. 3
    2x WD Raptor 74gb Raid 0
    HP DVD-RW 640i
    Silverstone Strider 600 Power Suppply
    Antec P180 modded w/ Window
    Thermalright SI-120

    The thing is, it runs just fine, it isnt choppy at all. I can play the game I just have to deal with it looking like that. Its hard to explain without you actually seeing it. Perhaps a fresh install of windows might correct the problem.
  4. Jizmak

    Jizmak Regular member

    Dec 27, 2004
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    In-game tweaks:
    The only thing I do in game now is fix the fog distance, since fog isn't shading properly and fades to the sky color far too early. To do that, open the console with the tilde button (right below the 'Esc' key). then type 'setfog 15000 20000'.. hit tilde again to leave the console, the change is instant. Yes, you have to do this every time, there is no permanent fix. You can play with this value, if you want; personally I set it close to but just under the value of my LOD distance fade off, so that the trees right at the edge of the screen fade in from blue. It's a fade range, so the first number has to be smaller than the second, otherwise everything that gets hit by fog will disappear and be replaced by sky, which is not pleasant.

    I'll give you the full rundown on what works for me; for all intents and purposes these cards should do the same things with the same tweaks, mine is just old as dirt.

    The file that unzips from that goes in the /Oblivion/Data/Shaders/ folder. It will overwrite another file, unless you rename the original first, which would probably be a good idea.

    The file that unzips from that, goes into the /oblivion/data/textures/ folder. Otherwise the water is bright purple and completely opaque.

    This is the actual oldblivion program. Unzip it somewhere; it doesn't really matter where, although you'll probably want to put a shortcut to the oldblivion.exe on your desktop.

    That's the shader pack for oldblivion. The file that unzips from that, goes into the same directory where the oldblivion files and .exe are. (I just put them all in /my documents/my games/oblivion/ , so that they're in the same place as the Oblivion.ini. Be certain this file overwrites the existing shader file of the same name.

    The Oblivion.ini file is the tricker part for a geforce FX user. Like I said, that's /My documents/My games/Oblivion/Oblivion.ini - don't alter the one in the Oblivion installation path. I started with this and tweaked it (Just stick it in that folder and let it overwrite the original; if at any time you want a default copy, just delete it and the game will make a new one next time you start it.):

    The first time you run the game with that .ini, alot of values will get altered because it'll recognize that the hardware listed in the .ini isn't yours. That part doesn't matter much. Run the 'real' Oblivion launcher from the desktop shortcut, and set these options via that interface:

    vsync: off
    Bloom: on
    antialias: off (for starters).
    Distant landscape: off

    Now you get to alter that ini file further. I'm just going to list the pertinent and useful settings that I have which are different and work well for me; with .ini files, most values are tweakable and you might like doing things a different way. I'll list each [Header] section that I had to tweak, make sure you delete existing entries that are the same, i.e., you don't want two lines that say 'AllowScreenshot=1' and 'AllowScreenshot=0'. These should be in the order they appear in the .ini file, but I'm not pasting my whole .ini file here, you'll have to find each line yourself and alter it.
    ****Optional below!
    ****This is a ghetto fix for a problem with lighting with no other fix I know of at the time.
    ****It will make only light sources -on your person- or very strong emmissive light sources cast any ambient or specular light at all. Makes dungeons dark,
    ****but otherwise, you'll get some really glitchy, jumpy lighting that is a known issue. Make sure these values are -negative- ' -450.000 ' not positive.
    Also in [Display]


    ****Also optional, will fix the dark background on the character menu. These values are tweakable and are effected by other lighting effects, so you
    ****may need to alter it to your preference.

    ****Optional, fix for trees constantly redrawing, forces full LOD but requires a low view distance or your frame rate will drop significantly, at maximum
    ****it will slow the game.

    ****This is already set in atomizers' ini, but its necessary if you ever turn on the 'distant land' checkbox, and it isn't a default value, so you may need to
    ****add it if you use a default ini.

    ****Grass will turn off at minimum viewing distance in options. But if this value is set to zero, it won't turn back on, so:

    That should be all the necessary direct tweaks to the .ini file; from there you can play with the normal options menu, and occasionally go back and play with some of the .ini values I mentioned are optional.

    Running the game:
    I put a shortcut on my desktop for the oldblivion .exe, which is what you'll use to actually run the game. This launches you straight into the game, which should now be playable. There is one more improvement you can make outside the game, which is to change one value in the oldblivion.cfg, if you want to turn on grass and have it look right. This can cause other problems though, so you may just not want to deal with it. If, however, you want to see grass, open the oldblivion.cfg (if your computer doesn't know what to use to open it, just use notepad). find the line 'ForceAlphaBlend 0' and replace the 0 with a 1. That will make the grass transparent.

    Also, with the amount of ram you have, you need to set the texture size to 'small' in the options menu, or you'll probably lose textures, although it should default to that value.

    That's everything I did and do to get my game running at 100% (if slightly ghetto) playability. Hope it helps!

    And this one is why I called my lighting fix 'ghetto'
    Notice how in the image I'm right up against a sconce and there's no ambient light. Only lights on my person, in my hand, a spell or magic effect on me, etc, produced any ambient light if you use that .ini fix. but it stops the lighting from glitching!

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  5. noxshame

    noxshame Guest

    i did all that you said, but of course to no avail.

    it's not that the game doesn't run well on my computer, it won't run at all. it installed just fine, but won't even let me open the game. a fatal error happens as soon as i open it, whether it be the original .exe or the "oldoblivion.exe" file.
  6. Jizmak

    Jizmak Regular member

    Dec 27, 2004
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    You made need to re-insall windows.
    Expecially with a good rig like you got.
    If I can run it on my setup (see sig for details),
    You shouldnt have any problems.

    Sorry I couldnt be of more help mate!

  7. noxshame

    noxshame Guest

    hey man, it's no problem, thank you so much for all the help, i really, really appreciate it.
  8. Jizmak

    Jizmak Regular member

    Dec 27, 2004
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  9. chinamanz

    chinamanz Member

    Apr 15, 2006
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    to noxshame

    hey, i am having the same problem. it gives me an error when i click "play".

    did you get it fixed?


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