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TMPG Encoding -multi threaded rates

Discussion in 'Video - Software discussion' started by eventual, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. eventual

    eventual Guest

    TMPGEnc has a wonderful little feature under then environments tab, cpu, that lets you switch on multi-treading.

    Originally multi-threading meant splitting a process between multiple processors. It required a special way of programming too.

    Thankfully it's employed here. When I enabled that I received better than 2:1 ratios. Meaning, I fully encoded the audio and video streams simultaneously, and it only took 2:38 to transcode 1:34 of video. (duration + 64%=transcode)

    So lets stop calling the TMPGEncoder crappy on that account. Matter of fact, there are more options for compression here than I have on my hardware encoder. So, it's an A+ in my book. What 'is' crappy are single processor computers that run with less than 512K RAM, on a non-intel chipsets. In all my tests, they're sleds by comparison. No matter how you over clock them...and "hyper-threading" is a complete waste, even on a 2 proc system. (I used (2) 2.8Ghz Xeons for a total of 5.6Ghz)
  2. glenpinn

    glenpinn Guest

    is my pc crappy then ???

    asus a7n8x-e del
    amd 3200 cpu
    512 corsair xms3200c2 ram
    saphire x800 XT platinum edition

    i bet u used to run a single processor pc once upon a time, so unless im reading u wrong m8, go easy on the quote
    "What 'is' crappy are single processor computers that run with less than 512K RAM"
    dont see any point to it myself ??? ....GLEN
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  3. eventual

    eventual Guest


    I build computers for people, so I get to test them for a week before they go...

    The strength is in the backbone.

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