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TMPGEnc Audio Problem

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Phoenix74, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Phoenix74

    Phoenix74 Guest

    Due to certain lengthy issues, I had to use TMPGEnc before burning an AVI with Nero..When I did, it left me with no audio. Following the advice of someone here, I used VDUB(i could only use VDUM mp3 since the file audio would be skewed if I used regular VDUB), then tried again with the TMPGEnc. Same Problem..only now of course, the file size is ridiculous. Any suggestions?
  2. Phoenix74

    Phoenix74 Guest

    OK so I think I fixed the problem..I ran the avi through vdub and saved the audio as WAV then in TMPGEnc I opened the WAV file as the audio..I checked it after a few minutes and it seems to be ok, but if anyone has any other suggestions or simplifications of this process, I'd appreciate it. It's starting to become more trouble than it's worth.

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