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tmpgenc dvd author skipping chapter page 2

Discussion in 'Video to DVD' started by StormFire, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. StormFire

    StormFire Guest

    Hi all,

    I create the menu`s etc for a dvd, which comprise of the main menu, and then three chapter (or scene selection) pages. The problem is that when the dvd is tested, only the main menu, and then chapter 1 of 3, and chapter 3 of 3 are displayed. Chapter 2 of 3 is missing. When I click on the `next chapter button`, it skips chapter 2.

    Can TDA only handle 2 chapter pages per dvd???
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  2. StormFire

    StormFire Guest

    Duh. The button I`ve been pressing is the `last page` button.

    Normally my home dvd`s have only 2 pages of chapters, so the button I`ve always assumed to be the `next page` button has always gone to the last page, which of course was also the next page. Now that I have a 3 chapter dvd of course it skips the 2nd page. After alot of reading of the tda help file I`ve realised the button I`ve always assumed to be the `play` button for that page (as it is a `play` icon`) is actually the `next page` button.

    Oops. :)
  3. fasfrank

    fasfrank Active member

    Oct 15, 2003
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    Hi StormFire,
    Shit happens, Welcome to the club! Doing all this stuff makes you blind or possibly temporarily brain damaged after awhile...
    I've managed to ruin week-long projects, wreck programs, delete important files, corrupt my OS and introduce various viruses and trojans. My restore points never go back far enough to undo the damage I've caused by pressing the wrong buttons. I've put DVDs in upside down or did not bother to seat them in the tray, so they get a good scraping when the thing closes. Then I wrestle with it to get the disc back out

    Im a maintenance electrican and last year I did manage to kill the power to our entire network at work. I could hear the screams as 50 computers all shut off at the same time. I did find the right breaker though, it was the one below the one I turned off.

    It's all good, this stuff is fun!

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