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transfer games to c650

Discussion in 'Motorola phones' started by 5quare, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. 5quare

    5quare Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    hello, i just got my motorola c650 and am wondering how i transfer games from my computer to my cellphone.

    i have downloaded mobile phone tools and have it up-to-date and working fine. i don't see anyway to transfer games to my cellphone tho and the help file doesn't say anything either.

    the games are java games (.jad and .jar) but when i try to transfer them over it says they aren't supported. i can transfer music and picture files fine, but they have specific folders on my cellphone (audio, picture, video), there is no games folder.

    the advertisements say i should be able to transfer games using mobile phone tools and the java games i downloaded said they were for the c650.

    thanks for any responses.

    i've been looking into it some more and have almost got it... incase anyone else was wondering.

    my phone's manual said that in order to export games from my computer to my cellphone i had to go into my phones java settings and enable the java app loader.

    i looked at my java settings and saw no "java app loader". further searching online showed me that this feature doens't come enabled. but there is a program that will enable the "enable java app loader" (sounds pretty stupid...)

    i don't know if the program is illegal or whatever so i won't post it incase it might break some forum rules.

    after you have enabled the java app loader there is another program that can be used to send games to your phone or you can just use mobile phone tools.

    right now i'm currently stuck on getting one of the programs to detect my phone, but there are lots of tutorials out there if you search on google.
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  2. Skeetla

    Skeetla Guest

    I got the games to upload to my phone but they are too big for the screen. :( Does anyone know how to solve this problem? My phone is a V220.


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