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trick mp3 player to accept mp2

Discussion in 'Audio' started by edsloter, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. edsloter

    edsloter Member

    Dec 15, 2004
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    i have demultiplexed mp2 files from a concert mpeg video and i was wondering if there is a way to maybe change the header of them so my car mp3 cd player will recognize them, as i dont want to have to transcode them to mp3. transcoding is a sin.
  2. diabolos

    diabolos Guest

    Why is transcoding a sin? I have never heard of nor do I think it is possible to put MP2 data into a Mp3 header since Mp3 isn't an umbrella standard tis a codec standard. Even the raw-headerless data is formatted differently. Even if you could some how change the tagging system I doubt that any Mp3 player would be able to play the files.

    I would transcode to WAV or a lossless codec then transcode that file to Mp3. I recomend [bold]BeSweet[/bold].


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