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Trick your friends! PS2 on Ipod Video!

Discussion in 'iPod discussion' started by MrToast, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. MrToast

    MrToast Guest

    I uploaded footage of myself playing metal gear solid 3 onto my Ipod and then when I was at school I was pretending to play it (with the wheel lock on) and the guy sitting next to me almost pissed himself!! I told him that the Ipod would run PS2 games and he believed me! Now I know that some people might think that this is stupid but life is about the little things and this was worth the laugh!

  2. Lethal_B

    Lethal_B Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 12, 2005
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    Sounds like fun. but not really a great idea for a thread.... it doesn't really help anyone and you cannot expand on it.....check the safety valve, there are plenty of 'jokes' and 'friday funnies' threads..
  3. Glitched

    Glitched Guest

    LMFAO that was funny,but doesnt belong here
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