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Trojan horse files in AVG vault

Discussion in 'All other topics' started by Slasher1, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Slasher1

    Slasher1 Guest

    I am new to this and have follwed instructions from this site to ensure my PC is clean. I have installed AVG 7.0 and run it regularly, it finds loads of stuff, what I need to know is am I ok to delete the stuff in the vault most of it is files like:

    Trojan horse downloader apropo with files names like:

    C:\ documents and settings\local settings \temp\ ~apropos \ph.exe or:
    C:\program files\cxtpls.dll or:

    C:\system volume information\_restore{lots of numbers!}.exe

    I am concered that if I delete any of these I will mess up my PC. Also I have got XP service Pack 2 + AVG 7.0 + spybot + Adaware is there anything else I should install to protect my PC ?

  2. Otherone

    Otherone Guest

    Use PeerGuardian, IP Blocker, Disable Java and Active X controls, scan all downloads, script blocker (for .vbs), RIAA front fake sites tend to lure unsuspecting people in and download trojans via "free" programs to find MP3 on the Hard drive and send XML document headers back to the spys. If you get viruses all the time, then boot time full scans might be a good idea. Run spybot and the yahoo bar with anti-spy finds things spybot wont. SpywareBlaster works good too. Keep that fire wall up, XP Pro SP2 has a real good firewALL, AS GOOD AS sYGATE, BUT TENDS NOT TO INFORM YOU OF ALL INCIDENTS. A good trojan horse detector might help. I hate norton, but you might have to get something expensive to handle all the viruses and trojans you attract.
    I use Avaste anti virus and it is EXTREMELY good, and free too. The sygate personal firewall works good too, with sp2 firewwall, but has to be re installed occasionally due to connection bugs.
    Anything in the "vault" is not funtional anyway and if the system works ok, delete it. Try to clean files before deleting.
    Wear gloves.
  3. Otherone

    Otherone Guest

    and BTW, i just cleaned out a virus that also infects the restore files so if u try restore, it wont fix anything. Make note of any files you delete just in case you might have to re install the later via floppy or cd if system wont start right.
  4. Slasher1

    Slasher1 Guest

    Thanx otherone I've downloaded avast and am going to delete the trojans in the vault, I'll let you know how I get on thanx for the help.
  5. Otherone

    Otherone Guest

    and if you get peerguardian, get ONLY from http://methlabs.org/. They have some other good useful stuff too.
    Other versions are packed with spyware, and not authorized by methlabs

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