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Trojans from CNET

Discussion in 'Windows - Virus and spyware problems' started by Mez, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. 2oldGeek

    2oldGeek Active member

    Jun 16, 2005
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    LOL after retiring, I usually get 2 or 3 calls a day with dumb questions from either the General Manager or the IT dept. I'm thinking about installing a 1-900-get-help line and charging by the minute....... :)
  2. ddp

    ddp Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    a friend of mine who was somewhat forcibly retired at 65 as a mechanical engineer was asked to come back but was on his conditions which included about double his normal pay per hr plus travel time to work or job site. he was the only 1 in the company who had his gas tech licence. he did a burner for a drying booth for an automotive company that had an output of 23 million btus.
  3. omendata

    omendata Regular member

    Apr 18, 2008
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    Well done old yin im only 40 and past it even though im CCNA , CNA , MCP etc etc etc and doing my VCP 5 will hopefully guarantee me a new job but im a job hopper as the recruitment agencies call it - never stayed in a job for more than 3 years - lots of contracting juicy - good old days at £60 per hour and double time at the weekend for cobol year 2000 reprogramming work but over 40 AND a job hopper is not good - past cathing up to me now - ah well its better than having worked 40 years for the same company in the same boring farty old job for the same management incompetents and a gold clock and a bog off at the end of it imho

    You sound like you are doing well!
    Hope im still going at 71 but it looks like we are going to war with syria so the end is nigh!

    As for the 1-900 line - well thought out but youve been beaten to it¬!
    Im Edinburgh scotland i see you are in Usa - easier to get work there in scotland its not so easy now -= england ok as long as you can put up with living in hell on earth (LONDON) - Managed 2 weeks and had to come home - its the worst place on earth!

    Have you not seen this i am thinking seriously about it
    EASY MONEY and Brilliant!

  4. FredBun

    FredBun Active member

    Nov 27, 2003
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    LOL, I might have you beat, I travel every once in a while to England, have family there, you should see the fiasco when I travel, both of my hips are replaced, with 4 revisions by the way, both shoulders, knees and one elbow have been worked on.

    Once on a layover in Detroit it was a crazy day, they were stopping and searching everybody,they took all of us to what looked like an underground walkway, lined all of us against the wall, searched all of us, we flew in from Amsterdam (oh gee I wonder why)I told them about all the metal in me, they took me to another area with a huge room that had a big cylinder in it, it was like the beam me up Scotty thing, they said they needed to scan me, well I got scanned, after all that wait I missed my flight home to Philly, was I pissed, they did catch some kids with some pot, the dogs sniffed them out, that was pretty much it, no terrorists were found and no explosives, I did fell bad for the kids.

    And as far as a colonoscopy lol,(I loved your sig) everybody was so wound up tight for a moment there I though I was gonna get one.

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