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Troubles Burning a svcd with menu in nero

Discussion in 'MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding (AVI to DVD)' started by Freaksack, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. Freaksack

    Freaksack Guest

    Ok Im trying to burn a SVCD in nero. Ive burned it once and it worked in my DVD player, well kinda. I have a menu made for it. When i put it in my DVD player it goes to the menu. So far so good. But now i try to hit play and it dosent play my movie? I also noticed that my DVD player say theres only one track. Now i only have one movie file on the disc. I burned this in Track at once, and also tryed to burn it in Disc at Once. Niether have had success. Now you may say if i have only one movie file why would i want a menu? I just think it looks nice :) Oh and on another note, i have found out that for some strange reason. If i press the skip button back it will play my movie track. I just want to be able to hit play and it starts though. Any thoughts would be great and also if you need more specifec info i will fill you peeps in. Thanks
  2. Dela

    Dela Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 25, 2002
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    Press 1 and then press play, if that doesnt work, press 2 and press play and etc etc..

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