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trying to backup dvd

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by bchaney16, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. bchaney16

    bchaney16 Member

    Sep 23, 2002
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    hey what's up guys, i just bought a dvd movie and am trying to back it up because i know it'll be scratched and unplayable in a few months (i live in a house with 4 other dudes). i've tried dvd x copy and dvdd but neither can read this dvd.

    i'm not sure what to do, it seems this copy protection is too strong to read the dvd. what programs do you use to read these copyrighted dvds? i tried the two mentioned before and dvd x won't continue as well as dvdd which gets read errors after like 36 mins.

    any help is appreciated, sorry if this has been asked before but i've been trying to search many times before with no conclusive results.
  2. IHoe

    IHoe Senior member

    May 21, 2005
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    ok...... try this simple, easy, free program..... it does everything ..... it's called RipIt4Me.... download the programs and follow the guide: http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/360110,
    this program makes DVDDecrypter work for all the new DVDs and the PLS files that it creates rips through all the encryptions that are out there and make DVDD work flawlessly. Read how it works and now you'll be able to do everything you want to do with a DVD! enjoy!
  3. onya

    onya Guest

    Use this link for your decryption.DVD Decrypter is no longer supported, where DVDfab Decrypter is.


    Use this link for the encoding, it uses Nero in the background for burning.


    These are FREEWARE apps and will get you out of trouble in most cases. There are many more FREE apps around that'll do the same things, also SHAREWARE apps(pay money!) Try the FREE stuff first :)
    Both of these apps are very easy to use also. Keep us posted.

    EDIT IN BOLD: Beaten to the punch :)
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