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Trying to install nero 7

Discussion in 'Nero discussion' started by rrucoba, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. rrucoba

    rrucoba Member

    Dec 5, 2005
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    While trying to install nero 7 an error occurs, this is the message that cones up. PLEASE HELP ME, if someone out there could help me I would truly be greatful.
    Extracting Cab
    Extracting Redist\Config
    Extracting Redist\MS
    Extracting Redist
    Extracting setup
    Extracting Redist\MS\System
    Extracting Cab\0093A6D4.cab
    Extracting Cab\00AF7559.cab
    Extracting Cab\01F3EC2D.cab
    Extracting Cab\02094FA5.cab
    Extracting Cab\02B61DD4.cab
    Extracting Cab\02BD4C88.cab
    Extracting Cab\039572D6.cab
    Extracting Cab\064CE5D3.cab
    Extracting Cab\0838C88D.cab
    Extracting Cab\086C5BAE.cab
    Extracting Cab\0A72FAFE.cab
    Extracting Cab\0AA0A4EA.cab
    Extracting Cab\0AC2F1EB.cab
    Extracting Cab\0C46DF3B.cab
    Extracting Cab\0CE96854.cab
    Extracting Cab\0D8226D1.cab
    Extracting Cab\0E4ECE8F.cab
    Extracting Cab\0F955880.cab
    Extracting Cab\0FE913C2.cab
    Extracting Cab\10DA511A.cab
    Extracting Cab\114227B6.cab
    Extracting Cab\12382873.cab
    Extracting Cab\13AD1F69.cab
    Extracting Cab\1461DBD4.cab
    Extracting Cab\166A8DBE.cab
    Extracting Cab\17028758.cab
    Extracting Cab\188C6385.cab
    Extracting Cab\197CDA14.cab
    Extracting Cab\199CCE2D.cab
    Extracting Cab\1B05D29F.cab
    Extracting Cab\1B13EAAE.cab
    Extracting Cab\2255ADF9.cab
    Extracting Cab\227B4CC5.cab
    Extracting Cab\22DA4319.cab
    Extracting Cab\232A69CB.cab
    Extracting Cab\23F10299.cab
    Extracting Cab\258A4569.cab
    Extracting Cab\2758BCCE.cab
    Extracting Cab\28E70B86.cab
    Extracting Cab\29A702AD.cab
    Extracting Cab\2B5367AD.cab
    Extracting Cab\2D198425.cab
    Extracting Cab\2D7C07AF.cab
    Extracting Cab\307C0B60.cab
    Extracting Cab\30F1E19C.cab
    Extracting Cab\310B79D5.cab
    Extracting Cab\324EEFD7.cab
    Extracting Cab\32B004D8.cab
    Extracting Cab\32E22C15.cab
    Extracting Cab\344E5CC1.cab
    Extracting Cab\3675B7DC.cab
    Extracting Cab\3732FEAC.cab
    Extracting Cab\3827D75C.cab
    Extracting Cab\3AC46198.cab
    Extracting Cab\3B85178B.cab
    Extracting Cab\3D597F05.cab
    Extracting Cab\40213E7E.cab
    Extracting Cab\402CADED.cab
    Extracting Cab\40F99283.cab
    Extracting Cab\432CE95C.cab
    Extracting Cab\43B7A940.cab
    Extracting Cab\43DBCC51.cab
    Extracting Cab\4490C085.cab
    Extracting Cab\44B1D01C.cab
    Extracting Cab\4572CB85.cab
    Extracting Cab\458D1A38.cab
    Extracting Cab\4627A0FC.cab
    Extracting Cab\47716991.cab
    Extracting Cab\49B52B36.cab
    Extracting Cab\4BD169FC.cab
    Extracting Cab\4CA02D87.cab
    Extracting Cab\4D27F1D0.cab
    Extracting Cab\4D801849.cab
    Extracting Cab\4EDA67AD.cab
    Extracting Cab\51242B4F.cab
    Extracting Cab\517677D8.cab
    Extracting Cab\536772E3.cab
    Extracting Cab\53C646C8.cab
    Extracting Cab\55ABD8ED.cab
    Extracting Cab\55C8DFE3.cab
    Extracting Cab\57710C0F.cab
    Extracting Cab\5940ED76.cab
    Extracting Cab\5986D77C.cab
    Extracting Cab\5AD0FE08.cab
    Extracting Cab\5AF77E74.cab
    Extracting Cab\5C2B4D49.cab
    Extracting Cab\5C424A68.cab
    Extracting Cab\5C42CDB5.cab
    Extracting Cab\5C5C6CEA.cab
    Extracting Cab\5D2B53A4.cab
    Extracting Cab\5D9F2481.cab
    Extracting Cab\61A24F82.cab
    Extracting Cab\62B880F1.cab
    Extracting Cab\633D0500.cab
    Extracting Cab\64855B3D.cab
    Extracting Cab\648763B4.cab
    Extracting Cab\655F0590.cab
    Extracting Cab\671E9568.cab
    Extracting Cab\683C0904.cab
    Extracting Cab\69BEB4C1.cab
    Extracting Cab\6A773677.cab
    Extracting Cab\6AA758CA.cab
    Extracting Cab\6BF9FEE8.cab
    Extracting Cab\6D01483D.cab
    Extracting Cab\6D30D8B7.cab
    Extracting Cab\6F9CE7FB.cab
    Extracting Cab\6F9CFEAB.cab
    Extracting Cab\709625AC.cab
    Extracting Cab\74D7E717.cab
    Extracting Cab\763F0FEE.cab
    Extracting Cab\7851761C.cab
    Extracting Cab\78C7B348.cab
    Extracting Cab\78C8DEFD.cab
    Extracting Cab\7920ADF8.cab
    Extracting Cab\79897AED.cab
    Extracting Cab\7AB7A0CD.cab
    Extracting Cab\7C0B4A6C.cab
    Extracting Cab\7C0FF302.cab
    Extracting Cab\7D1F318F.cab
    Extracting Cab\7D6C7145.cab
    Extracting Cab\7E3388B9.cab
    Extracting Cab\7E74347D.cab
    Extracting Cab\7F18B095.cab
    Extracting Cab\7FC63B91.cab
    Extracting Cab\816A538D.cab
    Extracting Cab\82340F98.cab
    Extracting Cab\8257373D.cab
    Extracting Cab\833B550D.cab
    Extracting Cab\851238C7.cab
    Extracting Cab\85C0A705.cab
    Extracting Cab\85F58EAC.cab
    Extracting Cab\8678CC77.cab
    Extracting Cab\86A3C66A.cab
    Extracting Cab\8831674C.cab
    Extracting Cab\8854004B.cab
    Extracting Cab\8898977B.cab
    Extracting Cab\8B088DD2.cab
    Extracting Cab\8C4E0FF5.cab
    Extracting Cab\8C8BD4A9.cab
    Extracting Cab\8CBCF6EB.cab
    Extracting Cab\8F8041C9.cab
    Extracting Cab\91EABA6B.cab
    Extracting Cab\92533A3B.cab
    Extracting Cab\92820133.cab
    Extracting Cab\929E38D0.cab
    Extracting Cab\933BFD29.cab
    Extracting Cab\944F740E.cab
    Extracting Cab\94DF3925.cab
    Extracting Cab\94F744F9.cab
    Extracting Cab\95C08849.cab
    Extracting Cab\967929CB.cab
    Extracting Cab\97602CB6.cab
    Extracting Cab\99A805E9.cab
    Extracting Cab\99E66DAB.cab
    Extracting Cab\9B3E7FA3.cab
    Extracting Cab\9B633EDE.cab
    Extracting Cab\9D55DA5E.cab
    Extracting Cab\9DA69FD4.cab
    Extracting Cab\9E4F80CF.cab
    Extracting Cab\9F0FCA53.cab
    Extracting Cab\9FA30BF7.cab
    Extracting Cab\A0E09D82.cab
    Extracting Cab\A2101166.cab
    Extracting Cab\A396EAC7.cab
    Extracting Cab\A483D9CF.cab
    Extracting Cab\A69B58DE.cab
    Extracting Cab\A6CC2102.cab
    Extracting Cab\A75C16D6.cab
    Extracting Cab\A77CF484.cab
    Extracting Cab\A871264E.cab
    Extracting Cab\AAB92CD2.cab
    Extracting Cab\AC68191B.cab
    Extracting Cab\B08744B3.cab
    Extracting Cab\B088F78D.cab
    Extracting Cab\B119FF60.cab
    Extracting Cab\B1331CBE.cab
    Extracting Cab\B1EFF3E9.cab
    Extracting Cab\B227CE59.cab
    Extracting Cab\B283E8EC.cab
    Extracting Cab\B32FC45B.cab
    Extracting Cab\B36A370C.cab
    Extracting Cab\B5711AF1.cab
    Extracting Cab\B7B2933B.cab
    Extracting Cab\B907AECF.cab
    Extracting Cab\B9D6C5AB.cab
    Extracting Cab\BAA55E11.cab
    Extracting Cab\BAC6A2C9.cab
    Extracting Cab\BB61C0A0.cab
    Extracting Cab\BD736A3C.cab
    Extracting Cab\BE0935E8.cab
    Extracting Cab\BF6CC2DC.cab
    Extracting Cab\BFBB123E.cab
    Extracting Cab\C3A5060F.cab
    Extracting Cab\C3C6CAF6.cab
    Extracting Cab\C45458C9.cab
    Extracting Cab\C515CFF5.cab
    Extracting Cab\C65395A1.cab
    Extracting Cab\C72CD05B.cab
    Extracting Cab\C73538A8.cab
    Extracting Cab\C881BB22.cab
    Extracting Cab\C8C38005.cab
    Extracting Cab\CA510D83.cab
    Extracting Cab\CC6E2121.cab
    Extracting Cab\CCFF8DBB.cab
    Extracting Cab\CD2914AA.cab
    Extracting Cab\CDD18D53.cab
    Extracting Cab\CE86BCAB.cab
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    Extracting Cab\E2CD8EAB.cab
    Extracting Cab\E3342AC8.cab
    Extracting Cab\E35FEC3B.cab
    Extracting Cab\E4CBDABC.cab
    Extracting Cab\E5CE5D28.cab
    Extracting Cab\E63C3C70.cab
    Extracting Cab\E72E71E4.cab
    Extracting Cab\E7FF0E4E.cab
    Extracting Cab\E9C8741E.cab
    Extracting Cab\EA8A30B1.cab
    Extracting Cab\EAC4290A.cab
    Extracting Cab\EAD29BFA.cab
    Extracting Cab\EB24D82E.cab
    Extracting Cab\EE41BB1A.cab
    Extracting Cab\EE5D0374.cab
    Extracting Cab\EFDFA9DC.cab
    Extracting Cab\F006035A.cab
    Extracting Cab\F0AA6962.cab
    Extracting Cab\F27DE397.cab
    Extracting Cab\F3C38DF7.cab
    Extracting Cab\F50AE0B1.cab
    Extracting Cab\F550D992.cab
    Extracting Cab\F5F1A488.cab
    Extracting Cab\F6B338BF.cab
    Extracting Cab\F6BF035B.cab
    Extracting Cab\F7284565.cab
    Extracting Cab\F75DC97C.cab
    Extracting Cab\F78A5F23.cab
    Extracting Cab\F7988CA6.cab
    Extracting Cab\F8001E87.cab
    Extracting Cab\F85341BE.cab
    Extracting Cab\F8EB309F.cab
    Extracting Cab\F9874CBB.cab
    Extracting Cab\FA3C5B56.cab
    Extracting Cab\FA3C8EC5.cab
    Extracting Cab\FC8A6735.cab
    Extracting Cab\FD02FECE.cab
    Extracting Redist\MS\System\asycfilt.dll
    Extracting Redist\MS\System\mfc42.dll
    Extracting Redist\MS\System\msvcirt.dll
    Extracting Redist\MS\System\msvcp60.dll
    Extracting Redist\MS\System\msvcrt.dll
    Extracting setup\nps.dll
    Extracting Redist\MS\System\oleaut32.dll
    Extracting Redist\MS\System\olepro32.dll
    Extracting Redist\50comupd.exe
    Extracting Redist\instmsia.exe
    Extracting Redist\instmsiw.exe
    Extracting nero_y.exe
    Cannot create nero_y.exe
    Extracting setup\NeroDelTmp.exe
    Extracting SetupX.exe
    Extracting Redist\ShFolder.Exe
    Extracting ycomp_setup_nero.exe
    Cannot create ycomp_setup_nero.exe
    Extracting setup\fminf.fml
    Extracting Nero.msi
    Extracting 1028.mst
    Extracting 1029.mst
    Extracting 1030.mst
    Extracting 1031.mst
    Extracting 1032.mst
    Extracting 1033.mst
    Extracting 1034.mst
    Extracting 1035.mst
    Extracting 1036.mst
    Extracting 1038.mst
    Extracting 1040.mst
    Extracting 1041.mst
    Extracting 1042.mst
    Extracting 1043.mst
    Extracting 1044.mst
    Extracting 1045.mst
    Extracting 1046.mst
    Extracting 1049.mst
    Extracting 1051.mst
    Extracting 1053.mst
    Extracting 1054.mst
    Extracting 1055.mst
    Extracting 1060.mst
    Extracting 13322.mst
    Extracting 2052.mst
    Extracting 2070.mst
    Extracting Redist\MS\System\comctl32.ocx
    Extracting setup\EULA_chs.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_cht.rtf
    Extracting setup\Eula_deu.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_eng.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_enu.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_esl.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_esp.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_fra.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_frc.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_ita.rtf
    Extracting setup\Eula_jpn.rtf
    Extracting setup\Eula_kor.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_nld.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_ptg.rtf
    Extracting setup\EULA_sve.rtf
    Extracting Redist\MS\System\stdole2.tlb
    Extracting Redist\Config\conf.txt
    Extracting VersionInfo.txt
    Extracting yahoo.txtomes up
  2. Jeanc1

    Jeanc1 Guest

    No errors shown in the log you posted -- It is showing the installer extracting the needed files for the installation of Nero 7 to your temporary folder. !

    After this is done, normally the installation should start and you should get a window !

    Sorry , but you gonna have to give a better description of your problem so people can maybe help you !

    Edited for a typo !
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 5, 2005
  3. whompus

    whompus Active member

    Dec 2, 2002
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    Your problem is there in the quote from your post.
    That is from the yahoo toolbar.
    Go to nero site and download 7 but go down and take the check out of yahoo toolbar so it is not being attached.
  4. Jeanc1

    Jeanc1 Guest

    Ooooooops.!!! I gave up reading --- before spotting those !

    Looks like a bad download -- !

    whompus is steering you to the solution --

    Have a great day.
  5. rrucoba

    rrucoba Member

    Dec 5, 2005
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    Ok I unchecked the yahoo toolbar and the install starts running, but when it starts writing system registry values, a caution pop-up appears and states this HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\run.
    Verify that you suficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.
    I am an amatuer at computers and software, and really do apprecitate all the help with this/
  6. whompus

    whompus Active member

    Dec 2, 2002
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    Either you don't have admin rights or your key is flaged.
  7. rrucoba

    rrucoba Member

    Dec 5, 2005
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    Its my own computer, how do I unflag my key? Or would there be admin rights on a personal computer? I havent set any priviliges?
  8. whompus

    whompus Active member

    Dec 2, 2002
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    With it being your comp and not setup for more then 1 user then You should have admin rights.

    Then it goes to the next thought if the key is flaged there is only 2 reasons I can think of.

    1 a trial version has expiered

    2 a known crack key was found

    I can not help with either.

    If you think that 1 or 2 is not posable contact nero. They will likely ask for some logs. Send them non edited or they will know they are edited and will not respond to any further requests you may make.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2005
  9. pasaat

    pasaat Guest

    There might be a clue in this error message I received when installing Nero version 7 as upgrade from a legal OEM 6.6.

    Source file not found:
    Verify that the file exist and can be accessed.

    I don't know how to find and install or get this file without reinstalling Windows XP, that in my case happens to be integrated in Sony full setup CDs and harddrive format.(Sony multimedia PC)

    Nero works fine, it strts to burn the movie on my On-lite DVDRW. It burns a part and then breaks off the process.

    I somebody knows how to solve this, thank you
  10. iheartudd

    iheartudd Member

    Aug 7, 2006
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    where is the yahoo taskbar check thing?
  11. creaky

    creaky Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 14, 2005
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  12. benbernie

    benbernie Regular member

    Jan 14, 2006
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    i have the same problem as rrucoba with thier setupx.exe.you said
    uncheck somthing in the yahoo toobar.what and where do i uncheck it?
    should i just take out the yahoo toolbar till i get the nero7 install
    -ed then reinstall it??thanks.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2006

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