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TUT: Modding old maps on halo 2

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware mods' started by xBMODSx, May 1, 2006.

  1. xBMODSx

    xBMODSx Guest

    [bold]This is my tutorial on how to mod old maps on halo 2![/bold]

    you have to have a modded dash for this!

    1. softmodded xbox or harmodded (dosent matter)

    2. ftp program<flashfxp>or<smartftp> http://flashfxp.com http://smartftp.com

    3. halo 2 disc

    step 1.-put your game disc in the xbox.

    step 2.-ftp a connection and look in your folder "D"!

    step 3.-you will see maps and in maps folder there is a font flder you need this as well, bink, media, and default exe! copy these to ur comps. desktop!

    step 4.-once on ur desktop delete everything out of bink (to save space) keep media full, and keep these maps in your map folder Ascension, Burial mounds, Beavercreek, Cyclotron, Foundation, Midship, Mainmenu, shared, Zanzibar, Coagulation, ect. delete all others!

    Step 5.- make a folder using flash fxp in your game section on your xbox's E:drive name it ( halo 2)!

    step 6.-use a encryption fixer auto resigner or other program you an go to http://ppfnoobs.net and click modding then software to download a resigner!

    step 7.- once you have done this put bink, media , maps, and default.exe in your games folder select halo 2 folder on xbox using flash fxp! once this s done you need to go to modded dash and select games if halo 2 dsent show up then go to file explorer and click "E" then games then halo 2 the go to bottom and click default the game should load up!

    step 8.-if you are a experienced modder you should know how to use ppf -o- matic, you need to find ppf's and patch them you can go to http://halomods.com to find patches click on file forums-then halo2 downloads.

    Note you will probably need to download super ppf patcher because all old map mods are usually sppf (sized ones)! go to ppfnoobs again to download!

    -thx- xBMODSx
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  2. Xx1modxX

    Xx1modxX Guest

    good tut but dont you have to burn halo 2 onto your xbox and all you need to fix the encryption is dothalo most other ones wont work with old maps
    Last edited by a moderator: May 1, 2006
  3. xBMODSx

    xBMODSx Guest

    you dont have to burn just create a folder in game section and put in what i told you too!
    you wont be able to get on live but like xbc or xlink kai trust me it'll work!
  4. Xx1modxX

    Xx1modxX Guest

    ok thanks
  5. xBMODSx

    xBMODSx Guest

    np dude!
  6. xBMODSx

    xBMODSx Guest

    plz look at this good tut!
  7. xBMODSx

    xBMODSx Guest

    @ xx1modxx you need a folder called hao 2 in your game section!
  8. Xx1modxX

    Xx1modxX Guest

    what do you mean my game section?
  9. mjfouline

    mjfouline Guest

    um yes you can get on xbl my friend mods old maps all the time.
    what you have to do is go tot he trouble shooter and get all the ip info and the dns info then type it in under net settings in your softmod. (doens't work with hardmod) and then you can lpg into xbox live
  10. xBMODSx

    xBMODSx Guest

    no dude you cant get on live but you can get on xlink and xbc!
    the reason is because the old maps are in your game disc!
    you have to copy old maps to hdd in order to mod them and you cant get on live when you burn somthing to your xbox's hdd so there for ur friend is wrong!
  11. Xx1modxX

    Xx1modxX Guest

    yes you can go on live with old maps go to se7ensins.com they have the program and a tut on how to use it it makes it so your xbox reads old maps as new maps its kinda confusing
  12. xBMODSx

    xBMODSx Guest

    idk dude!
    i went and didnt see anything!
  13. xBMODSx

    xBMODSx Guest

    wow i thought this would at least draw some good comments!
  14. Xx1modxX

    Xx1modxX Guest

    i guess they removed that tut from se7ensins.com because i had it under my favorites and when i clicked on it, it said it no longer existed
  15. xBMODSx

    xBMODSx Guest

    yeah cause i never saw it
  16. Xx1modxX

    Xx1modxX Guest

    [bold]xBMODSx[/bold] by the way great tut it should be stickied because a lot of kids ask how to mod old maps
  17. xBMODSx

    xBMODSx Guest

    thx dude why are you banned?
  18. mjfouline

    mjfouline Guest

    yea y is he banned everythime i look
    in one of his threads he is helpin
    someon or complimenting. o well i guess
  19. tocool4u

    tocool4u Guest

    You don't know half about it.........He was banned multiple times due to not following the rules.....That was like his 5th account........
  20. Poisson

    Poisson Member

    May 6, 2006
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    I did what the tut told me and halo 2 appears under games and in the halo 2 folder. The problem is when I try and load it, I get the dirty disk error.

    I'm confused because my the disc isn't even in the drive and when it is, the game works; so I know the drive isn't broken.

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