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Tutorial Duox 2 Mod chip flash for xbox v1.6

Discussion in 'Xbox - Hardware boot discussion' started by mikeh0303, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Dec 23, 2006
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    Hi, this is my fist tutorial so bare with me!

    This tutorial is for people how have messed up the Flashbios v3.03 and only have the Cromwell Flashbios v2.32 left on the other bank. This tutorial will tell you how to get the m8_1.6 bios on your version 1.6

    First you are going to need the following items:
    -Computer with drive capable of writing to Cd-r and dvd-r
    -burining software like nero
    -one cd-r and one dvd-r
    -an xbox with a white duox2 mod chip installed
    -a slayer 2.7 cd(you can get this off www.isohunt.com)

    First you will need the following files:
    -m8_16 bios (get off xbins)
    -eurasia_pro_generic_flash_disc_1_2.iso (google it)
    dummyfile.exe (google it)

    Now lets get started!!!

    First lets create a folder on the desktop call Xbox Bios flash
    and in it two sub folders called Bios and one called DVD

    Now take your m8_16.bin and place it in the bios file

    Now open up dummyfile.exe and in the box enter the value of 50 now select pick location and pick the desktop now press build.

    Locate the dummy.bin file on your xbox and take it to the bios folder you made.

    Ok now you have to double the bios size because it is only 256kb so hers what to do!
    -Move the m8-16.bin file to:
    C:\Documents and settins\(Yourcomputerusername)

    -enter "cmd" no brackets

    Now in the CMD enter the following:

    copy /b m8_16.bin + m8_16.bin bios.bin
    pic: http://img250.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cmdli7.jpg
    *The above step must be done inless bios.bin is 512kb it will not work in the xbox and you wont be able to use the chip!!! so make sure you understand what your doing!

    now go to C:\Documents and settins\(Yourcomputerusername)and find the new file bios.bin make sure it is 512kb and copy it to the folder you made call Desktop\xbox\Bios

    Time to make a DVD-r !!! first open nero then select DVD and then bootable dvd add the two files bios.bin and dummy.bin from the bios folder. Make sure both files are not in CAPS they should look like this on the cd: bios.bin and dummy.bin no CAPS!!!

    Ok now time to make a cd double click eurasia_pro_generic_flash_disc_1_2.iso and burn it to a CD-r

    XBOX TIME!!!!!

    Now time to use it in the xbox first put the eurasia_pro_generic_flash_disc_1_2.iso in the cd drive
    -turn the xbox off
    -turn the xbox on with the power button so thatCromwell Flashbios v2.32 loads
    press the a button so that it loads the cd and then follow the insturctions on screen it will tell you when to take that cd out and put the bios dvd in.

    Now when this is done flashing you are going to need your slayer 2.7 cd. Install the evox dashboard or what ever dash you want.

    Your done!!!

    *if you see anything wrong with this please pm me and I will fix it

    -Having trouble finding the files you need??? I have them all just pm me for extra help!

    *pics coming soon!!!
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