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Tutorial: Setting Up Telekinesis (iPhone Remote) Media Streaming for iPhone to work over edge.

Discussion in 'General mobile discussion' started by Domreis, Jan 2, 2008.

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    Hey AfterDawn,

    In this tutorial I will show you how to set up Telekinesis for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Don't know what Telekinesis is, well check out my video here.
    NOTE: There is no jailbreak required to do this

    Part 1 A: Setting up Telekinesis to work exclusively over your home network
    1. First thing we need to do is download Telekinesis.
    2. You can do see by clicking this link!
    3. Once the download is complete copy and paste the application into your applications folder and open the application.
    4. Now we need to create a user name and password. You do so by: 1. Opening the software 2. In the Menu Bar Click iPhone Remote then Preferences 3. Click Change Password You may use the user name and password of your choice.

    Part 1 B:Now we need to configure port forwarding and triggering on our wireless or wired router. Note: If you do not have a wireless or wired router skip this step.
    1. Open your default web browser. If you have a Netgear or Linksys router, in the address bar type If you own a D-Link router type in the address bar.
    2. You will now be promoted to enter a user name and password:
    If you own a Linksys Router the defualt user name is admin and the default password is password
    If you own a NetGear Router the default user name is admin and the defualt password is password
    If you own a D-Link router the default user name is admin and the you will leave the password field blank
    3. Now that we have logged into our router configuration rage we need to select Port Forwarding / Port Triggering from under the advanced tab
    4. You will now have a screen the appears something like this appear.
    We are going to want to click add new service.
    Once you have clicked add new service you will see a screen like this appear.
    5. WE now need to take a quick step in the other direction. Keep your web browser open and go to the APPLE and click About this Mac and now we need to click More Info The system profiler should open up.
    6. Under Contents we need to click network
    On your screen take not of the area in red.
    7. Click back on your web browser.
    8. For the Service Name Enter: iPhone For the Service type select TCP/UDP For the Starting Port enter 5010 and for the ending port enter 5012 now for the server IP Address enter whatever the IP address was that you took note of: In my case it was
    9. It should now look something like this:
    If the fields are all correct go ahead and click apply to save your settings.
    You may now close your web browser.

    NOTE: If you would like to configure your iPhone to Media Stream over Edge and the World Wide Web please skip Part 1 C and move onto Part 2
    Part 1 C: You will now need to configure your iPhone
    1. Open Safari on your iPhone
    2. In the address type https://THE IP ADDRESS YOU TOOK NOT OF:5010 or in my case
    3. You will now be promoted to enter a secure page. Go ahead and click continue. Safari will now ask you for your user name and password for Telekinesis. Go ahead and enter what you have selected.

    If all has gone well you should have a screen appear that looks something like this:

    Congratulations you have now completed the installation to stream Media Over you home Network.

    Part 2:Configuring iPhone to Media Stream Over Edge and the world wide web.

    1. First thing you need to do is get your IP address that was assigned to you buy your internet provider. To do this you are going to need to open Safari on your Mac and go to the following site. www.whatsmyip.org
    At the very top of the site it should say YOUR IP ADDRESS IS ---.---.---.---
    Copy this address down for your records.
    2. Now we will need to open safari on the iPhone. In safari type https://The IP address you just copied down:5010/
    3. You will now be prompted for the User Name and Password you created in iPhone remote. Go ahead and enter that Information.

    If everything was successful you should see a screen that looks like this on your iPhone...

    UPDATE: 1/4/2007
    Things that will help make iPhone Remote more efficient.

    1. I would recommend adding iPhone Remote to you Log in items so every time you log into OS X iPhone Remote will open in the background.
    To do this go- System Preferences ==> Accounts ===> Select your User Account and then click log in items. You can Now press the + icon in the lower left hand column and select iPhone Remote from your applications folder.

    2. Some users have experienced there mac's Local IP address changes at start up. To give your Mac a fixed IP sign into your router configuration page.
    -From Your Router Config Page Click LAN IP SETUP
    -From there under the Address Reservation click Add
    -Now select the computer that you are using for the media Streaming and Select Add then Apply

    Hope this helps.


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