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TV sound through my Receiver

Discussion in 'Receivers and amplifiers' started by etowneric, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. etowneric

    etowneric Guest

    For some reason I cannot get my TV to play through my receiver so that I can get the surround sound. I simply hooked my xbox, dvd player through the receiver. Then i sent the cable through the dvd player and I thought I could run the sound doing that, but I cannot get any sound to play through the speakers, its only playing through the TV still. I then sent the outputs from the receiver to one of the inputs in the TV.

    If you could help me or show me what I'm doing wrong that would help a lot. Also, I don't know if my composite cables or working or if the dvd part of it isn't working. Anyway to check with jsut one set of cables?

    I know that was a lot of stuff but I appreciate the help.
  2. hardcandy

    hardcandy Guest

    You need to hook analog (RCA jacks) or dgital/optical cables from the tv audio out to a set of inputs on the reciever. Then hook the cable to the TV,
    Hook the audio out from the xbox and dvd player to the reciever as well. You can hook the video output from the xbox and dvd to the TV.
  3. gerry1

    gerry1 Guest

    I had the same problem with my TV (an older model RCA); the TV's audio and video outputs were not active unless you went into the TV's audio and video menues and selected them.
  4. Razz1234

    Razz1234 Guest


    what source is your TV signal coming from? Cable/cable box/sat reciever???????

    If you ONLY have a coax cable coming from the wall then do just like hardcandy said. My only suggestion would be to run [bold]EVERYTHING[/bold] through the reciever.

    You said you hooked up xbox and DVD player to the reciever ....HOW? then you said you THEN sent the cable throught the DVD player....that sounds very backwards to me. Tell me exactly what cables you ran from where to where.

    Well, hell, i'll just lay it all down for you....

    It should go something like this.....
    Xbox.. from xbox [bold]OUT[/bold], plug all cables into your reciever.
    DVD player... Optical or Digital Coax [bold]AUDIO OUT[/bold]... to optical or digital coax [bold]AUDIO IN[/bold] on the reciever. The "digital coax" is not the same as a regular coax cable like the ones that screw into the back of TVs. If you do not have an Optical or Digital Coax cable then run the red and white RCA cables from the DVD [bold]AUDIO OUT[/bold] to the recievers DVD [bold]AUDIO IN.[/bold] Then your choice of DVD [bold]VIDEO OUT[/bold] from the DVD player to the DVD [bold]VIDEO IN[/bold] on your reciever. This will be either composite (yellow rca cable), S-Video, or component (green, blue, and red cables). To make things simple, use the same type of video cable that you used with the Xbox.
    TV.... This will depend on what type of signal you are getting. If you have some type of "cable box or sat. reciever" then from that box run the [bold]AUDIO OUT[/bold](again this can be either [optical or digital coax] OR analog [red and white RCA cables], to the [bold]AUDIO IN[/bold] on your reciever. Choose one of the digital connections here if you can, they are much better. Now run the [bold]VIDEO OUT[/bold] from the cable/sat box to the [bold]VIDEO IN[/bold] on your reciever. Again if you want to keep it simple choose the same type of connection you used with your DVD and Xbox. This will also be the same type of video cable you run from your [bold]MONITOR OUT[/bold] on your reciever to the [bold]VIDEO IN[/bold] on your TV. If you only want to listen to your surround and stereo speakers then do not run any audio to your TV.

    Now if you only have a coax cable running out of your wall and do NOT have any type of cable/sat. box then do this....

    Run the coax cable directly to your TV. Run the analog connection from your TV [bold]AUDIO OUT[/bold]{red and white rca cables}, to the TV [bold]AUDIO IN[/bold] on your reciever. That should do it all for you. [bold]DO NOT[/bold] try to run anything back to a VCR or DVD player!

    Sorry if I'm babbling on here about things you already know. Just trying to help.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 25, 2005
  5. etowneric

    etowneric Guest

    Oh yes this helped greatly. I appreciate all the help you guys have given me. Took a while of messing around but i finally got it right. Of course now I have to move everything again and make it neat, haha so we'll see. But it's rocking now. Thanks again!

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