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Discussion in 'Home Theater PC' started by Punkychan, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Punkychan

    Punkychan Guest

    Hello, newbie here in this forum.
    Can someone help me here with some problems with TVisto that I just purchased ?
    I got one today, made all the 4 folders required and downloaded the latest firmware.Just a question , when you downloaded that firmware , it came in .zip files.After extracting the .zip files , how do we load the newly downloaded firmwares ? into the Firmware folder - in the extracted folder or directly in the Firmware folder and together with another 2 folders - Fonts and Settings.I seems to cannot get mine to work.It keeps saying ' no files '.Or should I re format again my HD ?
    Should I make 2 sub folders in the Firmware and move the extracted downloaded .zip files ( .FUF and .BIN )into the Firmware folder or just move the entire extracted folder ?
    Connecting to the usb looks okay but connect it to TV you'll see ' no files '.
    Appreciate any help.
  2. slimcutta

    slimcutta Guest

    Unzip the files and move them to the firmware folder. They just need 2 b in there. I hooked mine up first 2 see if it worked, unplugged it downloaded the update put it in the firmware folder. plugged back into tv and went 2 settings and down to firmware. It should work from there
  3. slimcutta

    slimcutta Guest

    By the way how big of hard drive did u get for it. I have a 500gb and it works as an external hard drive but not when i plug it into the tv. but my 120gb works perfectly. Sucks cuz my 500gb would be so much better in it.

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