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Two OS in same hard-disc Question

Discussion in 'Windows - General discussion' started by Rokka93, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Rokka93

    Rokka93 Member

    Sep 3, 2007
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    Hi! I have XP pro and just bought Vista. I don't want to make clear install and lose XP cos' that buggy Vista (I just want to use DX 10 and I don't listen guys who says "try Vista emulator or Alky project" so forget that). I have 250 gb hard-disc and it's shared two sectors (117 gb,116gb). Can I install Vista to that 2nd sector and use XP pro in 1st sector(I now it's possible, I try that with XP pro and 98, but I had had two hard-disc (80 and 4 gb))

    PS:I didn't mean that I use XP and Vista same time. Alternately

    So the main Question
    -Do Vista use internet connection (patches....) at same time I use internet in XP or do it distract XP with Vista's subprogram. (In other words, do the Vista use RAM at same time at XP and otherwise or put something Vista's programs to 1st sector)

    Sry, my bad english, but I try better next time (I hope so) :p
  2. Morph416

    Morph416 Active member

    Jan 14, 2004
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    You can install Vista to the second partition. It is NOT recommended that you install any second operating system to the same partition as your primary OS.

    With that in mind, the way you intend to install, you cannot use both XP and Vista at the exact same time. So to answer your questions, will both use the same memory, and other system resources, No.

    You can however, use two or more operating systems at the same time, by running a Virtual PC. Where you install, and run the OS in a virtual environment.

    Does that help?
  3. jony218

    jony218 Guest

    As long as you have windows xp installed first, it's fairly simple to install vista on the other partition. I followed the directions in the following guide and it worked as advertised. The only thing I recommend is for you to get all the vista drivers for your motherboard and video card ready.


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