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Two towers prob again!!!

Discussion in 'Other video questions' started by Tragedytg, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. Tragedytg

    Tragedytg Guest

    hi aain. iv tried everything and iv looked all over and i left a thred on here last time i was told to use nandub to get the bad frames out well i did that and then i went to go turn it to avi through nandub and i get a pariament error. so i figured id try the avifixed run that, even tho i still get the 80s pop video look, and run it through virtul dub. well i did that said soemthing about cbr and i wasnt paying attention and i clicked yes it started dubing and at about 6 min it stopped with an error and that six min fo the movie was 3 gbs!!! i need help to get this video to be played without freezing if i have a lil missed up part fo the movie but it still plays(VIDEO AND SOUND) then that would be great. we just finished watching fellowship of the ring in my english class and my teacvher asked for me to find two towers to play from ehr comp then onto the tv. Might get some major extra points. so i need some info or help. i just need to play it no burning its vcd yet.
    so PLSSSSS help. if you have the movie in the condition i need then i could maybe swap a movie with you a trade? hehe
  2. sonoma095

    sonoma095 Member

    Apr 15, 2003
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    hey im in the same situation ur in i got a copy and the video freezes. Audio's cool though. I haven't tried avifixed because i don't know where to find it. if u know where to get it that would be great, because i think my copy is fixable it looks to be decent quality just a few bad frames.

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