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Ulead 8mm2DVD

Discussion in 'Video capturing from analog sources' started by clueless1, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. clueless1

    clueless1 Member

    Nov 12, 2002
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    have about 13 old 8mm tapes i wanna get to DVD. Using sony digital8 DV camera, i can capture them to my comp.
    Wondering what's the best prog for this. Currently using WinDV, and it's alright.
    Is ulead and good? I've heard its good for stuff like this, but i've also heard that it also captures directley to MPEG. Doesn't this mean it loses quality?
    Since these tapes are shit quality to begin (from late 80's early 90's) with i dont want to lose ANY quality. HDD space is not an issue and time is not an issue.

    is there any program that will take any imperfections away like horizontal lines across bottom.
    is there any program that will only record actual video footage, so it automatically stops recording once the video feed runs out.
  2. Minion

    Minion Senior member

    Sep 28, 2003
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    Well Quality wize it doesn"t matter what you use to Capture when Captureing from a DV Camcorder because capture from a DV Camcorder isn"t really Capture but a direct digital Transfer from the Camcorder to your Hard drive so the capture software has no effect on the Quality.....

    It is better to capture directly to DV AVI than it is to Capture to Mpeg2 because Mpeg2 capture programs are not very efficient with Bitrate so you would have to use a very High Capture Bitrate to achieve any sort of Quality which would make it so you only got maybe an Hour per DVD....

    It is better to Capture to DV AVI and then use a High Quality Standalone Encoder to encode the Dv AVI files to Mpeg2 for DVD and then author the Mpeg2 files to DVD with whayever DVD authoring program you want to use..Just make sure you use a DVD authoring program that will NOT re-encode your Mpeg2 files as this will just degrade the Quality and take a lot of Extra Time....

    I suggest you Capture to DV AVI useing what your Useing (WinDV?) and then use a Standalone Mpeg2 encoder Like Tmpgenc/Tmpgenc Xpress or Canopus Procoder or the MainConcept encoder and after encodeing to Mpeg2 you can use something like "DVDLab" to add your Menu"s and Chapters and to Author the DVD....

    Both Tmpgenc/Tmpgenc Xpress and Canopus Procoder have filters you can use to clean up any Noise in the Image and you can adjust the Color and Brightness and Crop and De-Interlace ect when encodeing to Mpeg2.....


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