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Unable to read DVDR but can easily read/write DVDRW

Discussion in 'DVD / Blu-ray drives' started by harry2006, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. harry2006

    harry2006 Guest

    Hello friends..I've got a weird problem.I bought Sony DVDRW (SONY CD/DVDRW Dual layer Q120A) 16X nearly 8 months ago.Earlier everything was fine.I was able to burn normal CD/CDRW s as well as DVD/DVDRW s .Now something wrong happened a month ago.I m no longer able to do a read what i've written after this problem happened ,unless i check it immediately after burning without ejecting the media.Once the media is ejected it never reads the DVD ,the light of the burnetr just remains ON,the system almost hangs when i try to open the cd drive by clicking on it.Now whatever i have written on my burner,is completely fine when i checked it on my friends computer with the burner of same quality.Even the Nero Burner says "burn process completed successfully" but i cud not read.Now all the medias i 've burned before this problems is easily readable in the same burner.There s no problem at all with the rewritable DVDs and CDs(both once writable and RWs as well).Another crappy problems is that i'm not able to do a multisession in DVDR s but its fine with the DVDRWs and CDs (both R/RWs)..Is there any problem with the firmware.Under what conditions do we need to upgrade the firmware and from where are we supposed to get the software n what is the procedure.Can ny one plz help me how to sort this problem out.Its really irritating ,as m able to burn DVDs(obviously without multisession) but not able to read those discs.Plz help me.Thanx in advance.
  2. harry2006

    harry2006 Guest

    Hi Friends ..Some one plz help me out of this riddle...Plz help me out.Thank U

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