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undetected cd

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by Cracka12, May 20, 2003.

  1. Cracka12

    Cracka12 Guest

    i burn the iso file to my cd...then i install the game and the first cd works. Then when it says insert cd 2, I insert the cd but it does not detect it. Could i have burnt it wrong, or what?

    REBEL_AUS Guest

    what game was it and what did you use to burn it.
  3. Cracka12

    Cracka12 Guest

    its simcity 4, i used nero to burn..the first cd def works, but someone gave me the first cd..no 2nd...so i had 2 do 2nd myself and cant get it 2 be detected

    REBEL_AUS Guest

    try burning it in alcohol or clone cd.
  5. Rotary

    Rotary Senior member

    Apr 10, 2003
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    what sheep burner do you have? 1 sheep or 2 sheep?

    and what is your burner?

    USE BLINDWRITE to do this! alternative read method/nibble!

    sims 4 is safedisc v2.8 i think? shoey ahs done this game on 1 sheep burner and 2 !!!


    EDIT 1 sheep burner should get it too CDRW 2 sheep to CDR !!_X_X_X_X_X_[small]XP 1700 TBred [Fan 28-Idle/32-Load/23M] [o/c 2004mhz = 12X167/33 = FSB-334mhz]
    A7V8X SATA150/RAID [Bios 1011]
    HERCULES 3D PROPHET [9700 Pro]
    DX9/CAT-3.1 VIA 4in1 Hyperion v445]
    XMS Corsair Platinum pc3500 512meg[/small]
    Last edited: May 22, 2003

    REBEL_AUS Guest

    Correct SimCity 4 is safedisk 2.8 and think i managed to burn it on my 1 sheep awhile ago. It wasone of the first copy protected games i copied.

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