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Unlock code for Nokia 6010

Discussion in 'Nokia - Unlocking' started by Sub70, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Sub70

    Sub70 Member

    Jun 15, 2007
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    I've read some threads on this and saw there was confusion in unlocking a phone, so I will try to give as many details so I can get it right the first time.
    I just got a Nokia 6010 from a friend that was on a Cingular network. My old phone was a Sony Ericsson T637 originally on AT&T then they switched to Cingular, so I guess I am on Cingular aka "THE NEW AT&T" now. I would like to get an unlock code for my phone IMEI: 010560/00/874108/5
    I am in Arizona USA

    I also saw some people confused about 'exactly' how to use the code and when to enter it as well as 'exactly' what keys to press, for example a code of: #pw+30 32 66 23 51 24 56 4+7#
    For the "#" and "+" signs do you press the lower left(*+) and right (#) buttons?
    I read a thread that said you only have about 3-5 tries at unlocking then you're done for good. Is that true?? Why have I seen so many different unlock codes in a thread for a Nokia 6010?
    Please let me know if there is additional info needed to unlock this phone. Sorry to be a pain.

    Please post (please note in the post that it is for me) or email me the information.

    Thank you to WHOEVER IN ADVANCE
  2. JoeGons

    JoeGons Active member

    Apr 16, 2006
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    Sorry, we can't help with the Sony.
    Nokia Forum here.
    Try http://forums.afterdawn.com/forum_view.cfm/130 for Sony.

    If you know the risks, try this ONCE and ONLY ONCE and let us know if it works. You have only 3 to 5 tries and then it will be hard locked. After that you will need a cable and a thing-a-me-jiggy to unlock it. It will still work on your Network so no big loss.

    Make sure battery is charged.
    Remove sim first, power on the phone.
    Ignore “Insert SIM”
    Press the # key.
    then press the "star" key (*) quickly
    to get the P and W and +

    Press * 3 times quickly for (p) \
    Press * 4 times quickly for (w) IMPORTANT
    Press * 2 times quickly for (+) /
    and the rest of the code---
    Begin with # and end with #

    [bold] IMPORTANT!! [/bold]
    Verify code before pressing the last #.
    Pay attention. You only have about two seconds.

    [bold] Note: If nothing happens, the code
    remains on the screen and you see NO message.
    [/bold] Some Phones require that you to insert
    a SIM from a new Network. [bold] Before you
    do this, make sure the sim and phone you use
    do NOT have a Security or PIN CODE. If it
    does, reset the PIN and security codes to
    default (1234 and 12345) with the original
    phone. [/bold] Insert a new SIM and turn
    it on. You will see "phone restricted",
    select the UNDO option, then enter
    the "#pw+code+X#" code in the restriction box
    and press ENTER (OK).

    "Phone restrictions off", it's unlocked.
    "Error code" wrong code. [bold]STOP[/bold]
    tell me.
    "Not allowed" or "Can Not Undo Restriction"
    it is hard locked.Used up all your free tries!!
    If youneed the Nokia unlocked:

    Please supply this information in this format:

    Type in these numbers or look under the battery to get the information.

    IMEI: *#06# ,
    Firmware Version: *#0000# .

    Nokia: (Model)
    IMEI:############### (No spaces, no slashes)
    Network: (The Network the phone is locked to)
    Country: (The Country the above Network is in)

    Also any codes tried AND how many tries you have made.


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