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unlock my nokia 6230i

Discussion in 'Nokia - Unlocking' started by sniper72, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. sniper72

    sniper72 Guest

    Hi folks, i have a nokia 6230i which is on Orange UK please please could you send me a code i have tried 1 code already, only once and didnt work so i know i have 2 attepts left my imei is

    Orange UK
    Type RM-72

    thankyou in advance
  2. keelocker

    keelocker Guest

    Insert a NON accepted sim card.When it says phone restricted, press "undo."
    It will ask for a restriction code,and enter the code in to the box on screen,and then input this code
  3. sniper72

    sniper72 Guest

    thankyou very much, worked a treat. many thanks

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