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unlock sharp gx17

Discussion in 'Other mobile phones' started by abstracto, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. abstracto

    abstracto Member

    Sep 21, 2006
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    is it possible to unlock gx17 through bluetooth!?!?!?!
  2. xipcorp

    xipcorp Member

    May 3, 2007
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    I would like to unlock a sharp GX17

    Model: Sharp GX17
    IMEI: 359791007762124
    Network: Vodafone
    Country: Portugal

    Thank's in advance

  3. appzutils

    appzutils Guest

    Cool.Can I have this also?
  4. Qwesta

    Qwesta Member

    Sep 11, 2007
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    There is this long long explanation that I got but I have not tried it myself..
    If you can dig it out clearly, please proceed with it:

    Obviously for this to work your phone needs to have Bluetooth

    0º. Create a folder called say, Allsharp, and extract the enclosed rar file to it ( for me I dont know how to attach it to you though I have down loade it... see from 19th poit...it may help you)

    1º. Open the Allsharp folder that we created

    2º. Run the "nec_sharp_reg" file that includes the software into the registry.

    3º. Run the "InstallOCX.bat" file

    4º. Copy the "MSCMM32.OCX" file into the C:/Windows/System folder

    5º. Now run the "ALLSHARParm.exe" software

    6º. A pop up window will open, just click OK and the program will run

    7º. Activate the bluetooth in the sharp gx15 for example

    8º. Exit the phone settings until we are in the main window

    9º. Turn off the phone

    10º. Remove the battery and the SIM card.

    11º. Put the battery back, but not the SIM card

    12º. Turn on the phone, the BT logo must be in the top of the phone.

    13º. Open the BT in windows and follow this path: Quick Connect>Serial Port>(and the serial port number that we have on the phone, in my case it was the 8.

    Look for the phone in the connected apps

    14º. Go to the All Sharp ARM window that we opened first (it must be behind all the windows we have)

    15º. Select "Liberar GX15/GX30" (unlock GX15/GX30)

    16º. Select, from the scroll menu "Serial USB Port" the port where we have the BT (in this case it was 3).

    17º. Select "Aplicar" (apply) in the Allsharp ARM

    18º. The phone is now in unlocking mode (you will see that the phone is off and the screen only shows ****)

    19º. In the Allsharp ARM window, there should be a code to follow, located in the left part of the software. (In my case, it goes like this:
    Press 1
    Press 99
    pulse the upper right key (in the phone)
    press 3
    pulse the upper right key
    press 1
    Now it will show "finished" in the screen, then press 3 times the upper right key

    20º. Input the code in the phone, as you press the first number, the phone lights up

    That's it, if you did the steps right, the phone is now unlocked

    NOTE 1 - This software is available elsewhere on the forum, but I am not sure whether this is a hacked version, but this does include the bat and reg files needed.
    NOTE 2 - This is known to work with GX15 GX25


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