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Discussion in 'Other mobile phones' started by anokharaj, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. anokharaj

    anokharaj Member

    Jan 7, 2010
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    hi, plz help me
    my imei is 351571022043835 pls give me
    unlock code......!! plz plz send, my email is *removed*
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
  2. ReneeChui

    ReneeChui Guest

    Not sure if below works. But you can try:

    If your GSM networks rejecting registration, its just in Europe they are banning phones with cloned IMEI numbers or no imei number . We have the MTK imei software to reprogram IMEI via bluetooth to work on UK networks

    Attached is the software .... in Winrar (www.rarlab.com).

    It works via Bluetooth and USB cable. You do not need to put the phone in to reprogramming mode as on the documentation, just connect via bluetooth or USB cable pair it to Windows XP computer ( make bluetooth COM ports accessable between COM1 to 8 in Windows XP , not higher otherwise software will not regonise phone) . in IMEI software ...

    Leave TYPE as 823 for watch phones, be careful other phones chipset supported from this dropdown list like any other MTK chipset Chinese phones, need to be in program mode, follow instructions from imeitool. Make sure configuration Settings is set to COM PORT you allocated for bluetooth.

    IMEIs for which seem work .. TAC: 354100 FAC: 01 Serial no: ****** VL :4 (******put in any serial 000000).

    Click START after entering new IMEI number as above , should say sucess , also Phone should received a file, power off and back on phone, check imei has changed.

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