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unwanted audio

Discussion in 'Audio' started by tedder, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. tedder

    tedder Guest

    I have backed up two dvd's and on both I have the directors commentary over dubbing on the video.Can anybody help me with this,I would much appreciate. I used dvd shrink to back up. Currently using xp pro with pioneer burner. Thanks Tedder.
  2. diabolos

    diabolos Guest

    VOB files have many audio steams Muxed into them. If you want to ripp a Movie from a DVD I would suggest DVD Decrypter. I'm not a DVD Shrink expert but I would assume that either Shrink or your media player would have a way to choose the audio stream that you want to rip or decode (if you didn't only rip the commentary with the Video).

  3. tedder

    tedder Guest

    Thanks for that,however I have overcome that problem with the audio control on the dvd player. I still seem to make a lot of 'coasters' though. The dvd seems to back up ok, but after around 20-22 chapters the video freezes and will go no further. This is happening on quite a few occasions and is getting boring. I was using any dvd but chucked it when this problem materialised. However I now appear to have it with shrink. Another point of help is:-
    after I have used decrypter how do i backup the resulting files.I am a "very newbie" to this and any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks Tedder

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