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update firmware nec-2500A yes /no

Discussion in 'DVDR' started by BIGTOXY69, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. BIGTOXY69

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    Jul 16, 2004
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    Have nec 2500A fw version106. seroiusly considering getting NEC3500A for christmas ,I figure the NEC3500A will have FW that is more up to date than the 2500A ? So should I update the 2500A or hold my water till Xmas? Kind of hesitant about updating firmware! also I currently have the dowload for nec2500A fw 107 - I mainly use my 2500a for backing up my dvd collection so would herries hacked version of firmtware be better ? also I understand the concept of FW flashing but will someone please explain how to do it. tried researching on the net but most sites assume you know what to do already! I am running Win XP os if that makes a difference. Well I know others need your help too so Thanx A Gazillion -guys & gals I learn more every time I visit Afterdawn.com & I try to help when I can with the limmited knowledge I have !Keep learnin' & burning friends CIAO -bigtoxy69

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