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Updated InCD to

Discussion in 'CD-R' started by ggallin, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. ggallin

    ggallin Member

    Jan 27, 2004
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    I updated my InCD software to version from Nero.com website. My old version was 3.37.0 and I was hoping to get some improvements with the new version, such as faster packet writing. I mainly use CDRW disks for backup purposes.

    However, now that I've updated I cannot access one of my disks correctly: it only shows three files (there should be about 70 files). Another disk that has thousands of files works well.

    Should I install the old version back in order to get the other disk working or is there some other solution?
  2. d223

    d223 Member

    Jan 4, 2004
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    If you have problems reading one disk, could that disk be an older slower speed than the other disk that reads ok.
    I have had problems with InCD as well but I think I have discovered that 4x disks are irratic they work at....well ...at times. I have been testing Ultra speed 10x24x disks, along with the 4x disks. Here are some of my findings using an Artec 52x24x52x drive, and Windows 98se.
    Writing, reading, sending, deleting all good on both 4x and U/S disks which were formatted MRW[Mt.Rainer].
    Ejecting U/S disks [no writing to disk it ejects the disk immediately [new feature w/InCD v.4]
    Ejecting 4x most times InCD it writes to the disk prior to ejecting it, a window appears and states the should take less then 60 seconds, then ejects the disk....however at times it will not release the disk and hangs the system. Also, at times, when inserting an allready formatted and written to 4x disk the system hangs.
    So far I have been using the U/S disks without problems.
    As far as new features on InCD v.4 there is a
    New InCD Icon in System Tray, it no longer contains commands. It changes color [see below].
    When in Windows Explorer right clicking on the drive that contains a cd-rw disk, causes a window to pop up....with the following commands:
    as well as other Windows Explorer commands.
    The system tray InCD icon turns Green in color when a formatted disk is inserted, and into red "x" when ejecting a disk.
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