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updates for my starview box!

Discussion in 'Digital TV - UK & Europe' started by trevhad, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. trevhad

    trevhad Guest

    i really need help ive put new codes into my box and nothin now and havent got the lead and software update disc!if someone could help me out i would really grateful!thanks
  2. jokerjay

    jokerjay Member

    May 24, 2007
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    hi mate, first go on here think page 100 and you see the manual codes,or go to maplin o another electrical shop and buy a rs2 lead. or go on ebay and you can get lead and software for abouta fiver ? here is the files and software and winrar/wizip http://www.zen29306.zen.co.uk/STARVIEW_H20070527_300eEapi.bin this is new codes http://www.skywonder.co.uk/GTRom v41.00.zip this is thesoftware you need to update your box http://www.zen29306.zen.co.uk/winrar300.exe this is winrar to open files follow these instrctions Instructions
    1) Plug in the RS232 cable into the serial port on the pc and the
    other end into the back of the box.
    2) Open the software "GT Rom" and click "BIN FILE", select the new
    file given called "STARVIEW_H20070527_300eEapi". This will show up in
    the space.
    3) Switch on the box.
    4) Once you see "on" on the box or a channel number, press Download on
    the program…this will load the image on to the box and will take
    approximately 2mins. Once this is compete it will show you on the PC

    Wait til you get "ON" on the box, and that means you can switch off and unplug.
    That's it your done.
    Run the scan as normal,
    Follow instructions for scanning if you are unsure.
    This time in the EMU screen choose SET DEFAULT KEY...then turn EMU on and EXIT.

    If when updating there Is a long delay, you can exit and start over the again.
    just get the lead as youneed it cheers jay
  3. trevhad

    trevhad Guest

    really appreciate that mate thanks alot!i owe u one!

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