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Upgrading Liteon LVW-5005

Discussion in 'DVD recorders' started by rckowal, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. rckowal

    rckowal Member

    Feb 18, 2003
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    I'm one of many who can't get their 5005 to upgrade the firmware even though Liteons instructions are followed precisely. If you're aware of this subject, you'll know that probably half or more of 5005 owners have run into this "wall". In fact, in my case, Liteon Tech support has offered to take the thing back since I'm not pleased with their inablity to provide answers or a fix for it.

    My question is, does anyone know how some owners are getting upgrades to install while others can't? Is it a batch problem or what?

    Frankly, with the exception of this upgrade issue, I really like the 5005 very much. It offers a great many features not available on much more expensive machines & (for me at least) has been very reliable & user friendly to operate.

    I want to get upgrades to install mainly for the 3 hour recording feature which is apparently available on some firmware versions.
  2. sim1

    sim1 Member

    Jan 30, 2005
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    I finally got mine to upgrade the firmware This is how i did it :
    Download the files
    Burn the files to seperate discs using nero
    Put the discs in the player and it just worked.
    The only thing i did differently this time is to download the latest firmware 0080 instead of 0076
    I hope this helps
  3. easyd

    easyd Guest

    Hi, rckowal and other fellow 5005's

    This worked for me,
    Go to: http://ilohacker.tripod.com/
    Download the ILO / LiteOn Firmware Hacker Program - version 1.3b
    Be sure you use the 1.3b version. "The Wizard" has developed and built this program,
    it works great and is very easy to use.

    As per his web site.

    01) Download the newest firmware from ILO's or LiteOn's Website.
    02) Use WinZIP or WinRAR to decompress the firmware file. (If it is compressed)
    03) Download and UnZip this program on this website.
    04) Double Click ILOHack.exe to run the program.
    05) Press the "Select Firmware File" button, then select the firmware you downloaded.
    06) The Program will display the success results in the Status window.
    07) The location of your new hacked firmware file is displayed in the status window.
    08) Burn the hacked firmware file to CD-R as a DATA CD & Finalize it.
    09) Place CD-R in your DVD Recorder, an upgrade message will appear, select OK.
    10) After upgrade is complete, the Tray will eject the CD-R, remove the CD-R.
    11) Power OFF the DVD Recorder, then power is back ON. Upgrade complete."
    Follow his instructions too the "T" and you should have the upgrades your looking for,
    M-V Free, 3hr LP and Region Free.

    I'll add a hint or two here.
    a. Be sure the ILOHack.exe program has been completely de-compressed.
    b. After the program has finished hacking the original LVW5005's up date file (like 1-2 seconds),
    note in the status window where the new hacked version is located.
    I copied it to my clip board for a reference.
    c. This is where I needed to be very careful, you'll see that the new hacked file name is exactly
    the same as the original Update file name, therefore you'll need to keep it separated from the
    original for burning to the Data CD (be sure it's finalized)
    I believe the new hacked file has a few more kb's?

    Good luck - Always
  4. TheKiz6

    TheKiz6 Member

    Feb 8, 2005
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    I too used the directions "easyd" mentions about. Talk about no hassle way to do it. Took just a few minutes and I upgraded 2 5005s. Haven't tried the MV hack yet but will soon.

  5. easyd

    easyd Guest

    Good stuff TheKiz6.

    Glad your 5005s update went well.
    For mine, all functions seamed to work but have decided to return it to Costco (where I purchased it) because of it's inability to produce a decent flesh tone. The major three color combination processes where completely out of balance. They became unbearable to watch. Always a very deep orange color.
    To make sure it was the 5005's problem not my imagination I compared the 5005's tuner input with three other video tuner outputs: S-Video from a JVC VCR, Composite from a Panasonic VCR, and from another TV Tuner video output. All these tuners had worked individually well when viewed on the same monitor as the 5005 was using but when the 5005's system imported these three different inputs and then played them out to that monitor they too produced a deep orange flesh tone.
    I had thoughts of maybe taking another 5005 home to see how it played out compared the my first one but found none available at Costco. such as it is ? :)
    I think I may wait and see what LiteOn brings out this year. Maybe they'll upgrade their tuners to stereo and better color processing?.
    Thanks for tuning in your ears.

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