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Users Want Windows 10 Features That Are Already Available in Linux Systems

Discussion in 'Windows 10 forum' started by ireland, Dec 11, 2014.

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    Users Want Windows 10 Features That Are Already Available in Linux Systems

    Windows 10 brought some new features for its fans, but it's still under development. Its users already have a list of features they would like implemented, but it's funny to see how most of those features are already present in Linux installations.

    The new features promised to Windows users are really interesting and the community is already looking with great interest at the new version, which they consider to be a winner. Even Linux fans saw that Windows 10 did come with some cool stuff, although some of those functionalities have been available for quite some time in most of the modern distros.

    It's not uncommon to see Windows-only features adopted in Linux distros, but that happens less often than you might imagine. The most copied feature seems to be the new theme used in Windows 8 and there are a ton of adaptations for the open source platform.
    Customization options already present in Linux OSes
    Here is a list compiled by our colleague, Bogdan Popa, in the article "Ten Features Users Would Love to See on Windows 10's Desktop."

    1. The ability to add a label to each desktop would help distinguish between them
    2. I would love to see a completely Modern UI/flat design for everything in the desktop
    3. It would be nice to be able to have separate desktop backgrounds
    4. Animated wallpapers/video as wallpapers
    5. 4k screens are here, but all background pics are low-resolution
    6. New themes with the option of live wallpapers
    7. Features to add tiles to the desktop (similar to gadgets)
    8. Bring back Windows Gadgets
    9. Add Windows Glass theme
    10. Make a keyboard shortcut to show/hide desktop icons

    Let's take them one at a time. The number one wish is about the new virtual desktop feature. For now, Windows 10 users don't know which desktop they are using at any given moment. Linux systems already display an indicator that visually informs the user where they are at any point.

    Users also want to have consistency across the integrated apps and that already happens in most of the major Linux distros. Also, some have expressed a wish to have separate backgrounds for each desktop. They can take the example of PCLinuxOS, which already has this particular feature.

    Then follows the ability to have animated wallpapers. This has been done on Linux, but most people don't really want them. They are possible on Linux and there are a ton of apps that can do this with ease.

    Also, Microsoft gave Windows users live tiles, but they are limited to the start screen. Users want to have live information directly on the desktop and that can be done in Linux systems with conkys, which have a ton of functions and are not limited to squares. They also mention gadgets, which follow the same principle.

    Interestingly enough, people still want the Windows Glass theme, which isn't flat. You'll be glad to know that Linux hasn't embraced the flat current with haste and most of the desktops still have the classic approach.

    The last on the list is also the funniest: make a keyboard shortcut to show/hide desktop icons. It's not present by default in Linux systems, but it can be configured easily enough and there are many tutorials online.

    These are just a few examples, but most likely there are many more. If you know of any such feature, leave a comment below.
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