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using DVD2ONE to compress episodes DVD (info, not question)

Discussion in 'DVD2One forum' started by j2huggar, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. j2huggar

    j2huggar Regular member

    Dec 25, 2002
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    I've noticed a couple of people posting stuff that they want to compress like a dvd contain 3 anime episodes or something to a single DVD with dvd2one. This actually might not be this easy, and I honestly didn't do a search, but... Where is says destination (I'm using 1.02v) you will notice a scroll bar that says DVD-+R and it has the usual 4.7 gigs, but if you scroll down you can set it to user defined. Why wouldn't you beable to scroll down, and say there are three episodes, choose 4.7/3 for the file size (it will actually be 4472/#) and compress one of the chapters to a directory. Do this for all the chapters (you should make different directories to make sure you're not just writing over files) Then you can rename them in sequential order and they should all play on one dvd, or maybe not, but it is an interesting though...
  2. thingimij

    thingimij Guest

    your right j2huggar.

    you can do this aslong as when you put the vobs back in with the original you run ifoupdate to sort out the ifo to the newly compressed vobs.

    plus if the episode disc is a multi pgc one you can take just the vobs out then create ifos using ifoedit so when you put it into dvd2one it sees it as one title. once its compressed put them back in with the original (vobs only) and run ifoupdate.

  3. dharmon

    dharmon Member

    Mar 17, 2003
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    Is this possible for something like my Fawlty Towers, Peter Gunn, and Fireball Xl5 collections? They have multiple episodes and that's kind of screwing me up. Can I get some further insight on how to do this trick to copy all the episodic disks? The method I'm currently using is a time whore and not altogether reliable. You have my gratitude. And you have to know there are others who have run into the same challenge.

  4. thingimij

    thingimij Guest


    right, first you need three new folders 1,2 and3, dvdecrypter,dvd2one102, ifoedit and ifoupdate.

    i am assuming you have a episodic disc where all the episodes are in one set of vobs.

    first rip the whole disc in file mode into folder 1, then take just the main vobs (not the 0.vob) and put them into folder 2.
    now open ifoedit and press create ifo, in the new window make sure create 1 pgc only, create chapter for each cell and same as source are ticked then browse for the main vobs in folder 2 and select the first vob then press ok. once its finished it will have created new ifos for the vobs so you can use dvd2one to do all the episodes in one go.

    next go back to folder 1 and calculate how much in mbs are left.
    now open dvd2one and select folder 2, the destination folder 3, now where you type in how big in mb just under destination you will type 4472 minus what you calculated in folder 1 (take a little more of just incase), let dvd2one do its stuff.

    once its finished take the vobs only out of folder 3 and put them in folder 1.

    now its all back together again but the menu will be screwed up because of the encoding so you need to update the ifo.

    open ifoupdate and in the first line find the corresponding ifo in folder 1 ( if the vobs where vts_01.x.vob then it will be 01.0.ifo), in line two find the ifo out of folder 3 and the last line is a back up of the original so i usually just put it in folder 3. make sure under the mode tab it is set to adjusted cell mode then press update ifo.

    check through powerdvd or whatever you use that everything in folder 1 is fine, if ok make your VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS and put everything in folder one into your VIDEO_TS folder and burn.

    hope this is clear, if not just reply.


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