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Using .sub/.idx files with TMPGENC DVD authoring programs

Discussion in 'Subtitle help' started by phoenix66, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. phoenix66

    phoenix66 Member

    Sep 15, 2004
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    I have this asian movie that came with .sub and .idx files for the subtitles. The subs contain both the original asian language subs as well as the english subs. After researching for a bit, I found out how to play the subs on my computer with various media players. Now I'm trying to burn the movie onto a dvd and watch it on a regular standalone dvd player. My players don't support divx or anything so I have to author them on my own.

    Here's where I run into some difficulties. I'm using the dvd authoring program and I load the video clip and test it out. When it's running the simulation, I lose my english subs, having only the original asian set showing. I'd like for both of them to show (being able to toggle on/off would be ideal but not necessary). I checked inside the .idx file and see that the languages are split with index 0 being one language and index 1 being the other. Do I have to adjust the .idx file somehow? How do I get both subs to show? TMPGenc has a feature that allows you to add subs but only .srt format.
  2. MilesAhed

    MilesAhed Regular member

    Apr 13, 2005
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    When I do subtitles for DVD I use a program to remove the English language stream and make an .idx/.sub pair with just the English. So I'm not experienced with using multiple streams. But selectable subtitles should be just selecting the stream, so if you use an authoring program that lets you add .idx/.sub you should be ok.

    If you convert your video to either separate video and audio streams, or an mpeg file with navpacks, then DVDAuthorGUI will let you add .idx/.sub subtitles.

    I would slice off a small clip using AviDemux and convert it to DVD to test my theory. Save yourself some time if I'm wrong. :)

    But there are several freeware that let you use other than .srt. Also another approach is use a converter that uses AviSynth scripts.
    You can add a line to the script to add in your subs if the converter doesn't support other than .srt.

    As example, I added .idx/.sub subs to a movie using DVD Flick just by creating a 2 line .avs script:

    VobSub hard subs the subs into the video so you wouldn't want that but you get the idea.

    Check out AviSynth. If there's something a program doesn't let you do directly, if it supports .avs scripts, chances are you can add the stuff in yourself if you google around for AviSynth filters.

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